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Funny but true...
Lol that was funny. Felly Tyson is for sure the one with a straight face.

Deng, I hope the studio gets rebuilt as quick as possible. A lot of hit songs and albums have been recorded there.


from 1:46 min

Ndeko pondu awuti kosila kokufa, aah ba ndeko mawa hein. tomsom  mongusu kutu alelaki "aah moninga pondu". Liwa ya ndeko biso pondu kobunda na mabanga ya cerceil ya nzungu. Bako tia ngo na catafalque na mesa bako finika ye kuna....kiekiekie so hilarious

They didn't mix the generique well. His voice is to low for the sebene. If have really to listen well what's he's animating.
That wasn't Muana Kongo that was Papa Soldat @8:01


the full song
Nice Song, JB vibes with the song and video.


Good stuff. Lol Miel must've been mad watching this ;D

That's Flamme Kapaya's influence right there.

Lol Koffi was so annoyed that he didn't even care for the money.

Knowing our musicians think,koffi was surely dying inside hard and starting to wonder which musician sent that guy

How would another musician know what Koffi would be wearing that day?

What's his problem? He could've handled that way better.

This generique has been on repeat for me since last week, excellent generique. Identite should use this voice more often.

David Monsoh says that they will announce a Zenith De Paris for Heritier soon and that Heritier will go on an African tour starting on the 19th of December.


This Generique is a banger, it’s probably his best one. It’s definitely better than Ebondo, but it’s gone unnoticed just like his album.
Even though this sounds just like a Fally Generique because Alvarito Solo played on it and also Kasangidi doing the animation, even the way Deplick does the mabanga sounds like Fally. If Fally or Fabro or even Ferre released this Generique people would’ve been playing this non stop.
This is a good generique but personally I prefer Ebondo. 


Rhize Ya Gola did the best to me.

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