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He says he set himself the target to ruin a certain artist but ironically says that   now he regrets because that artist is finished
and  that   he can ruin  any artist if he decides to be  on their back,he does not stop  easily until  he succeeds


but na filet visited him to comfort

« on: July 26, 2021, 19:44 »
i just knew it would be decale,with hidden sexual content


tata has lost his mother emerance salafani ebondja,who passed away in brussels

i think they are delaying over covid issues,there is still curfew at 8 of the night so bars are not able to promote songs properly,or musicians having concerts,so thats why roga is creating concepts from his house and things like that,and nouvel horizon with mtn

yes prince au congo first then solola bien then fair play at the same time then the bass of heritier's generique
so its his elder brother who taught wazekwa to play guitar i understand now why wazekwa calls him petit frere propre



he reveals that when he came to europe in 1985 he was already writing a bit and at university  his late friend raoul ndongala came with two guitars  and asked him which one he wants the new or the clearly old and he said the old fearing that if he said the new his friend would say he was just joking, and until  today he's bought loads of instruments but has never found again that type of sound
and what he was doing is that he'd put two cassettes in his radio then sing and play guitar two different ways on each cassette to make it sound like he played solo and rhytm at the same time*
and raoul was always wanting him to bring new songs on cassettes whenever they meet and once when he went to see him in belgium he was told that papa wemba was performing with koffi at madeleine hall so he went but being a fan of papa wemba already he secretly had the dream of approaching papa wemba to tell him he writes song and he'd like him to listen to his work and see if they can collaborate and when he went towards papa wemba's locker room after concert it was full and he could not approach him,and at the same time koffi was alone in his locker so he approached koffi and told him he writes song and if he is interested he can make him listen to his cassettes koffi said no problem tomorrow come at my hotel and its what happened and koffi asked before even talking about cassettes if he could sing a little bit for him and he did it he does not remember exactly which song it is but koffi loved the lyrics and koffi asked if he plays guitar because he sings like somebody who already knows how to sing with guitar and they were wondering how they could meet again once back in paris and he said to koffi dont worry take the cassette and koffi gave him his phone number and from then he started going to koffi's house and they developped many songs together while playing together,either  his ones or koffi's were he'd add ideas or a melody here and there(in private wazekwa jokes about it today that luckily they were playing guitars for hours bare-chested like that whe they were in late 20's early 30's if it was in 2000's they'd look ridiculous with the big bellies they had ;D ;D ;D)

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The poster is enough to put me off listening to it

joseph de nuances?

Ahh didn’t notice that lool wow

"jb voice" èèèèhhh tala ba petit mosusu oyebi que yo oza mama na aventurier" haha jb's favorite catchphrase when one of the musician does something
this reminds me of junior embrouille and barcelone de belles melodies

« on: July 23, 2021, 13:01 »
The poster is enough to put me off listening to it

joseph de nuances?

fabro and heritier need to find a way to bring back hype around them,hopefully not through polemic
but its hard to deny that(as much as i dont like much that obsession about views and streams and all that)heritier maybe would not have had BM on 10+ mil if not for that very strong start of promotion of it in his hottest polemic days,or that only few people would have questioned the views of fabro on mumpe if it was in the days of ya mado and him having polemic with koffi and fally

the  problem with heritier is that it took him soooo long to finally get his opportunity of an album that he is basically just obeying to  monsoh and patiently waiting for things to move,taking 4/5 years between his albums ...
as for the drama part his case reminds me of fabro,they switched to radical opposites(even though they still talk bs at times) and it created a strange balance in their careers,because seemingly there was people who liked them that way and were more willing to support them into that way
those who brought that drama around heritier,except himself,have for most moved to another artist where they brought that extra hype but also at the same time that impression of bringing  him backwards somehow but since he's built very strong background not everybody can sense it
also about heritier a very crucial point not mentioned here is his last minute failed olympia,playing in them halls with a proper promotion would open doors for african tours for example
and like you guys said all the guys who were outsiders have "stopped" somewhere,and i believe the europe factor is not to be ignored too
the difference also between fally ferre and the rest,is that they proved themselves before getting cocky/overconfident while most of the guys mentioned as outsiders celebrated victory too early(here again another problem of heritier,having proven himself that much in maison mere feeds him with a virtual anticipated solo success due to being the most awaited solo artist of their generation(ferre andfally took people by storm)  so he goes like "everybody knows who am i so i will take it easy try to release quality music and the rest will follow"

yes i do it gave a belief that   its possible to have a career after big leaders,then fally and ferre nailed it and killed progressively the concept of leaving a group for another as the only potential way forward

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