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wazekwa always says there must have been something spiritual,joss was heading to studio with cultura  then he received no call or whatever he changed completely direction to go to montfleury and when cultura bodyguard who sat next to him realised he was heading towards koffi's house(as it had already started with gesac gone) they fought and joss even hit a lamppostwith the car as he insisted to go to koffi's house at all costs and wanted to take driver seat
eclipse rightfully revealed what wazekwa told them even before all that "i can feel something ugly about to happen,be careful with who approaches you and what he says,be careful with women they can be sent on mission,i just can sense something coming"
and at the same time,this fear/anticipation got wazekwa nervous when signs started to happen of musicians approached at rehearsal and things like that,so he was more strict on everything more cautious on everything more rude when artists did something wrong  and could not realise that he could have turned the thing around maybe by "paying them to stay" or making them big promises(like those who stayed after les marquis/academia)

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Its possible him and wazekwa had a very special bond joss knows his family more than any member maybe eclipse now,knows many secrets like his wife,powerful women who tried the best to be with him and so on
if he left like 6 month later he'd have been given access to one of wazekwa's accounts to pay musicians(and of course a big amount would be there so that it  keeps paying 30 plus members for a while without ever going down
not many leaders would do that and let their musicians see a bigger amount that what they'll  receive

The way Koffi is mocking the « Dynasty » name kiekie; Vincent asked him when the collab album with Fally is coming out, and he referred to it as « Dynastie Tchatcho », Koffi responded by saying it’s coming, but with another name because Dynastie is so basic

vincent's intention was actually tomake koffi  say that ferre copied dynastie name from koffi and fally and koffi being who he is understood quickly and twisted that this way lol

possibily bro joss always says that when he arrived  and was made chef d'orchestre koffi was talking to me a lot and was telling him to have a close eye on the guys and suggest him who can make a strong starting team even he decides to leave himself joss (you know koffi and that seductive talk to make you feel kinda guilty,nayebi oza epa na nga libela te yo pe oko trahir nga and so on
and that once they get some strong cohesion they'd get a group album,but then the dimension of cindy changed and those who had the two biggest pedigree and potential to be the void fillers of fally( not in term of voice but of charismatic guy standing next to koffi)joss and jitrois were suspected of flirting with cindy while they just knew are long ago like "petite na bango ya quartier" so they were close naturally
and the rest is history


didier  nzita tried to ask him the eternal question of his problems with koffi and to didier's surprise wazekwa said it was not important anymore to talk about it,the causes and all that because he's reached some good terms with koffi which did not happen before so its not important to go back to their conflicts(so they talk but he is not keen in committing yet to meeting koffi a lot like before because of course he still is afraid of being stabbed in the back,and also the way koffi still throws some lowkey shade at him when asked about his conflicts with other musicians and goes like " bazalaka kaka koffi que boye koffi que boye,mosusu po nazuaki musicien na ye asaleli nga 300 emissions mais  na repondaka te" and things like that

but na filet,ibrator in short the big names coming from  fabro's group
then for olders koffi of course who writes,but also buys or can take a song and insert sentences from it in several songs so that dont sue him for payment as  he'll say text is different now,he also does it to keep his reflexes of writing
other than him wazekwa karmapa

yeah  it was still much ofa taboo then except papa wemba who is probably the artist who acknowledged the most and the biggest number of writers


Typically the type of video released on a certain purpose(like also the autotune video)but here its even more blatant
so celeo said that ferre advised him to invite also to his album fally and other guys of their generation(but a part is cut to introduce fally's song) and ferre was good to him and he did the feat with fally first(as i said above the thing is well twisted to a certain target)
then when he wanted to record with ferre ferre did not come and celeo clearly says surely people around ferre influenced him heavily(which does not exclude ferre's part of responsability in not coming)
but the whole thing is technically posted just to emphazise on how ferre did not come  out of fear for fally(as if they dont all do that)
and you can see the result in comments going down the route of their whole careers way after that
people who know the name kenzo d'amour know who he is
ndombolhino should have edited some parts and made it still polemic like hundreds of videos he posts but not this blatantly oriented
at this rate ferre's fans will ask to counter with somebody blatantly showing who he is and inserting ferre's songs along with some interview where he said or did something which made him look like a fool(and thats something our musicians dont lack much)
some comments asked ndombolhino to bring back too fally's rant freshly from plane about 13 eme apotre


In short he reacts to being accused behind nicky to trouble fally's career because he is jealous of his rise above him,he says he does not even know nicky much does not talk to her and his advice is that fally nana and nicky find a peaceful way to deal with the situation
he has ideas how fally can handle it but its disrespectful to say it on tv
he was asked why he supports innoss b despite innoss "disrespecting" according to vincent fally and koffi asks if he thinks he is there constantly following who is good or not with fally to approach them and reminded him of a feat with innoss which happens to be before the fallout and reveals that they have a second feat coming in his album
about fally unfollowing him he says he had absolutely no clue because he does know instagram its angelucentral and co who deal with it and he was then explained that when somebody unfollows you certainly he is upset with you or something
so maybe he upset fally without knowing but it happens human relationships are like that
he said he sent happy birthday to fally in december but no answer until today,but he does not want to attack fally maybe one day he'll calm down
the rest is pretty classic (without any bad  irony) maybe with all modesty i am among the best,you should be proud to have,among others the little koffi i am but who is known everywhere,i am the most unfairly attacked musician ever,then i think i am probably the best ever even fally said prez i dont think they'll ever be a bigger artist than you
then u arena promo/hype

Our artists should do unreleased clips regardless of date,even for their views stuff it can be amassive surprise to them the result

ndeko you know what i was thinking  exactly the same thing today i listened to kin e bouger with djolina and collegien then to les anges adorables, he did quite well despite not being a natural accompa

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