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adolphe's biggest "mistake" is "rejecting" the primus deal jb helped him get(with the system of always being signed with authorization of the longest serving) to go and settle in south africa,yes things had changed a bit as the mouna generation stayed for most in europe or  joined other groups,but if he could be resilient he'd have bounced back,he's been doing the mediatic noise with piece contre piece,which he should have continued trying
now its very hard to have agroup which is even less than one year old without a former tonya tonya member due to how music came for too long in second position after his private business,so he missed out on a lot of talent,he could have had a identite,ceda ya mado and another atalaku which also earned some name i am forgetting which one exactly,if they saw future in his group and stayed longer

oh my dayssss bro you almost got me in trouble at work :D :D :D :D :D

« on: June 23, 2021, 22:35 »

With patou solo and chevignon synthe

yeah bro haha i am sure if he was in  states he would make crazy money if they could structure that creative side he has


hahaha nsone ,he liked doing something" crazy"to spice up things,and here he is there in that little car,sooo tight for his size

Another Luba thinking being light skin is enough to be a star. The way bcbg is managed is a true reflection on the leader. I actually think Mr Bedel is a very self centred prick who doesn’t want anyone to flourish in his band and when he’s questioned about it he starts yelling like a mad man.

judol is from the neighbouring villages of the one of werrason
as for the rest,the state of bcbg  which is not like we could expect it is a common responsability of jb himself and some of his chiefs who have centered bcbg on him thinking that anyways they have benefitted already from the light of being around jb
so they can content themselves with being around,securing their bond with him via the "loyalty" factor
otherwise,jb does try to promote until it reaches a level where those guys step in to "limit "the shine the guys are gettin which ends up in them leaving prematurely to the releases which would promote them further which the same guys block indirectly
not  to bring a childish comparison,but you'll notice the same system is in maison mere inthe last years with releases not being as frequent as it once was,any group which had or has star is becoming more and more leader centered with a little bunch of privileged guys who shine more through their lifestyle and who do  their best to prevent a too big bond between the leaders and the not privileged

he stayed in total 4 years,the time before he was having playbacks with jb songs in DRC brazza angola and making money from it and coming to bcbgconcerts
he had an interesting comment on the ex bcbg musicians difficulties though,hopefully for him it works out
took a whole year and half like fudji to prepare things before leaving unlike all others
lol the cindy thing is about to get bigger actually,koffi says that he still has not even used half of cindy's potential

Another thing if the singers by a miracle have a chance to at least have one vocal muta wana BB J3 better NOT be one of them.

i dont  know if koffi changed his mind after his spat with cindy which almost got him fired but he had a duet with koffi for one of his donors of switzerland

 bro symplicity He had participated on the still unreleased balle de match,leading and co leading a song plus vocals but of course it got removed with him starting solo career a second time
before that he had lost due to heritier and flamme kapaya supporting capuccino lbg the battle to take  the jdt spot,then started singing higher and won a primus beer competition which gave him 55k dollars to start solo career
then like he explained recently as he was already around bcbg for a while jb told him he should join the group as a stepping stone to bounce back after failing his first try,conned by somebody who should have done production and distribution of his first album


the full song

I like how teddy mola pulls out of nowhere relatively big interviews with things the guests reveal exclusively there compared to their other interviews


he says manda keeps saying that its ferre who blocked him  from singing in kibuisa,and asks how ferre can have such authority against werra and that manda uses that episode to keep hating for ferre just like how he used to attack jb indirectly for his pimples while he still has it 30 years later
once they travelled to kenya as manda lambio lambio and sampaio were invited by genegene defao,he was in economic with them while ferre was in first class and he was acting cold towards them unlike the other guests of defao
and he believes manda does have something personal against him because back when he was with reddy manda was reddy's pire petit and was trying his best to influence reddy toput pressure on ferre that ferre stole his musician when ferre's group was about to tour in europe first time and when he came back they meet at a tv but he cant say what happened because it will look bad on him being the younger
manda used to hammer fally and ferre at any given opportunity and saying that they brought nothing positive to our music only sexual music  and so on (i think we all know the rude way manda talks in)
then few years ago,at manda chante ntesa event fally came (and for those who remember i even praised fally i think for singing on the side micros while he became a bigger star than all the guys there )and fally being who he is received a lot of money on stage and he gave it to manda
and from that day until today manda feels the need to often praise fally then spice it up at the end like "here iam praising    fally that guy living in beauvent(ferre) will have a heart attack) and  maybe manda feels he hurts ferre doing that 
while ferre does not care,DRC stands for democratic republic so he is free to support who he wants but its not necessary for him to support while throwing shade
he has a big burden to handle which is papa simaro's legacy so he should focus on that more than on petty things like that
and marchouse ended saying that them journalists should not allow randomly artists to shout  at them
ferre deserves some respects because being succesful in a band of somebody is something,being  succesful  in a group of friends too but its more difficult to be a leader of a band touring abroad in africa and europa so sometimes when some leaders come to attack for no reasons other leaders they have to respect at least the fact the other handles bigger responsabilities

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