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For those who like checking views this is quite a "scary" one,nearly a billion on two clips alone including a radio appearance

Congolese Music / Re: LOL SOLEIL DÉCALÉ ?
« on: August 01, 2021, 08:18 »
Those dj's are congolese bro half at least of the first generation of coupe decale is congolese guys relocated there or in france
they also used to sing mirage's vocal "wowowo la lettre d'autrui nga na fungolaka te",i think itseven inthat video i remember dj polio and dj kitoko singing it and eto'o dancing

loool and now he acts as if he is the big bro of sydney poitiers,djo and co
imagine a prime bcbg or maison mere being this direct against his boss the way spokesmen would attack him hard :D :D :D :D

because he was jb's favorite,and anyways the news was badly reported it was karaoke and reported as concert
the things is that from him being given his album there was a lot of subtle mindgames going on,everytime jb would take time to give him money or to allow him to go record in france as he needs him for some concerts in kin abraham would report to fally who "managed" him throughout the album process so fally was using his own experience to anticipate 12 on him at every given opportunity which is why when the guys got suspended he ran away fearing a coming 12 as the camp of seguin jdl were telling jb that he's preparing a rebel group within the band because he barely associated first teamers to his album except genta fusee sunda bass tolbert while it was meant to be an album played by the core of bcbg but with guests,while jb did not plan any 12 he really wanted to replicate what papa wemba did,despite all the "what if" he was hearing from his court jesters
and its from abraham's sudden departure that he decided to make it again a taboo for an artist to think about an album in the group(sunda and abel then leaving after seeing their idea collapse)

Congolese Music / Re: Serge Mabiala & Ado Yuhe part 2
« on: July 31, 2021, 13:55 »
i can already see mabialo getting insulted


Yet to  watch in full but from the intro he talked about how pepe kalle's traditional power got removed by the chiefs in front of his coffin and not passed to either dilu dilumona or papy tex because for him they lacked that charisma to be leaders of the remaining group,and he said papy tex was not liked bymusicians when he wanted to take control of the group the day he came a dancer collapsed
he went on like papy tex and did not like him and that he benefitted nothing from cocktail with the sudden death of pepe kalle
and when lofombo and djuna went to create delta force he told lofombo that their project would succeed only if empire totally collapsed
when pepe kalle died,lofombo djouna united with late pepe kalle's wife and primus admins called for a reunion to see how things would go after pepe's death,and they told dilu that the camp of lofombo djuna and the delta force guys said that dilu forced  them out and thats why he says that dilu lacked leadership because a true leader would not have handled it that way
when pepe died,dilu told musicians in a rude way that he was not liking the way the group was operating while it was how it was when pepe was alive and that allegedly he said whoever is unhappy with the decisions he made as the new leader can follow pepe in cemetery if he wants and dilu seemed happy with the split  and was saying that its God's plan and he asked to speak  and said its from his idea that the generation of lofombo papillon and co arrived in the guitar section,and he suggested also to pepe kalle to recruit new singers because the singers lineup apart from the 3 leaders was weak and unpopular,and  pepe had named him vice-president of empire bakuba,so he is strongly against split and asks for dilu to accept them back without any conditions,as dilu wanted to restart tests for them all
djuna who was already determined to leave and become a bigger chef on the new side they'd create stood and acted like he wanted to beat him and he told him approach and you'll see what will happen
haha the story of thatreunion reminds me of 4X4 split
when dilu remained as the president and primus maintained the contract,dilu allocated the rehearsal hall and instruments to a church so musicians when coming to rehearsal were surprised to see that there was church(reminds me of lofombo saying vieux dilu catholique moko nanu namona te) when they were supposed to rehearseand the bralima chiefs were informed and that came to give order that he gives presidence of the group to him boeing and things were bouncing back well then papy tex arrived and a bad atmosphere came back again and papy tex decided on his own to make interview with musicians like shella mputu,kalo bass and co saying  that he'll  bring them to europe while many of the members he found were not aware
papy tex wanted to get rid of the guys he found as longterm empire members so that he has full leadership on the younger ones like shella kalo and co and he suggested  tex that they should change the name of the group since that name had spiritual power linked to pepe kalle who was made traditional chief by the kuba tribe guys and neither tex or dilu inherited that power
the traditional chefs called him and dilu(before tex arrived) and asked who would accept it and both were scared and left
so him boeing decided to prove tex a point for the way he came and wanted to get rid of everybody to remain with new members by creating empire fondation and he  remembers a fikin event where koffi was performing for vodacom jb had to perform with primus but he was in angola so they stepped in and had great success and were produced by jps and they went to europe to record and shoot clips with the plan of performing at stade des martyrs at their return whether its full or not but once in europe singers started to rebel thinking he was getting big money andnot paying them,while according to him he was sacrificing for them before they'd return and sign lucrative primus contract

i was talking minutes ago with my big bro back in kin who is mbuta kiss second assistant and a couple of friends in a conference,and we were argueing about jb's career,as usual compared to the other big 4 members
most  went either for his loss of motivation due to early big money making and success,or for his visa issues,or for his family issues
and i raised something i have sometimes thought about  and this was my thought
papa wemba through multiple massive departure waves and had to take a challenge to resist,werra went through two big waves of musicians leaving,having him to take the challenge to prove that he can assemble again a strong maison mere,being already a guy whose post wenge 4X4 career was fuelled by the challenge of bouncing back
koffi had to face the wave of academia and the wave of ferre's arrival(even though it  lead to radical choice but still it was challenge for him to prove he can exist after them)
when i talk about adversity and jb i am not  talking about his rivalry with werra but finding himself in a challenge regarding his group
it has never happened,all those who left bcbg either left because he did not mind them leaving for his authority,or because they left and the week after it was already forgotten almost,no matter how influential the person was(perfect example is alain mpela,any of the other big 4 guys would organise reunion after reunion,make plans of poaching a guy from rival group to make up,but in bcbg it just went smooth
so i think the fact he never found himself under pressure to do something to save his group lead to all those holes  in his image especially with europe young fans,as he never felt the pressure to adjust to demand of young fanbase in a reshaping process
unlike all the other big 4 members who all had to look for profiles of artists to recreate a collective image after losing against their will many talents

« on: July 31, 2021, 02:39 »
damnnn,another legend gone,i was hoping he'd pull through after being put in artificial coma,he'll be reunited with his friend kester now
may he rest in peace
jocelyne beroard must be devastated,patrick saint eloi gone,now jacob,JP marthely who is recovering from a stroke...thats almost the whole original  kassav core either gone or in difficult situation,only her and the keyboard player jean claude naimro seem to be fine

« on: July 30, 2021, 15:05 »

This sounds like a title to be on a universal mixtape like il faut danser comme ca

Congolese Music / Re: Il etait une fois....
« on: July 30, 2021, 09:22 »
brigade was stuck in france for over a year oreven two for  health issues then to finish his album he came with,he was recently back to kinshasa and i think he's returned  to france already
kero used to be in germany and moved to brussels,he has a group in kinshasa so he goes several times a year to record with them

« on: July 30, 2021, 08:38 »

For his third time,heritier will be performing a private concert in ivory coast tonight

I'd hate to have a test in La Zamba, it seems it got worse and more demonic and hostile after Ferre and co left.

2008 and 2009 were surely the most poisonous season almost all of them had guys present at every single rehearsal and concert in the crowd ruling a spiritual fight most people could not even imagine was happening,even werra could not handle it anymore and was feeling a very heavy presence on stage to extent that he had to create an emergency reunion and say okay things are happening which i dont understand anymore i am taking the whole group to pastors who can identify exactly who is doing what,not even 5 members turned up :D :D :D :D and this was about the whole maison mere which was 76 or something members in total,even guys who were just rotting there after succesful test were scared to go with werra

he had to become a father so the woman convinced him to stay and also he was upset because in last tour people who had to send his car to kin along with some  home stuff ran away,
now he is a member of the europe cultura who plays in albums when wazekwa himself has studio sessions in europe along with concorde,fleury fleur,aimedo na mbonda...

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