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By the way, does anyone play mbondas like Yaya Londa ?? Listen to the bakuba show  8) 8)

« on: July 15, 2021, 17:54 »

Thanks to Tele Zaire for recording one the best ever groups in Africa! Sad to note that Sammy Maracas passed on last year :'(

Congolese Music / Re: JB ENJOYING LIFE
« on: June 11, 2021, 07:56 »
New passion?

He should quit this bullcr@&p, we need music, Chemin De Fer and Balle De Match have been ready for years!!!

If this is true, then it's certainly good news. I think i heard of Yondo Sister interview where she confirmed the that Jollie Detta died in the early '90s...and their mother went on some sort of depression before she died shortly after :'(

When was this @francopepekalle ? I thought Jolie Detta was long dead...


What's your favorite Zaiko Langa Langa song?

Dede Sur Mer


Here’s the clip from Palpitation but not in good quality.

Why did Theo leave Big Stars for Anti Choc?

He got suspended for 6 months because of indiscipline, he couldn't  support to stay at home long so long, which made him leave for Anti Choc. Before joining Anti Choc, rumors were spread that he said that Big Stars is nothing (could also be that Defao's staff created that story to make him mad, since that Theo was one of his favorites), because they weren't touring in Europe, which angered Defao. That's why when Pecos joined, Defao brought him immediatly to Paris for the mixing of La Guerre de 100 Ans, to prove Theo Mbala a point.

Mfumu, is Pecos and Konzi wa Konzi one and the same person? Who did the animation on Defao Ft Suke Chille series??

Congolese Music / Re: Your favourite Singer / Artist
« on: July 20, 2020, 12:34 »
Favourite Singer: Pepe Kalle

Favourite artist: Pepe Kalle Kabaselle Yampanya

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Aurlus Mabele
« on: March 23, 2020, 07:35 »
@ Mfumu Vatarun, Archos and other rhumba encyclopidia in here. Kindly assist me to under how Mabele (RIP) managed to make Avanse Lokete his theme song.
I first heard this song from the album Kanda Ya Nini by Empire Bakuba. Did Aurlus participate in the studio recording of the song with Empire Bakuba?

Start with Cé Chalé Carnival (1990) for high energy songs. Below are my full recommendations as a big Pepe Kalle and Empire fan/enthusiast. Take your time to appreciate their work.

- Soucis Ya Likinga (1985) - “Article 15” was one of the biggest theme songs during the rough 80’s in Zaire

- Moyibi with Nyboma (1988); seminal classic

- Pon Moun Paka Bougé (1989); one of his most popular album. Made the entire continent dance in 1989

- Cé Chalé Carnival (1990); and extension of above album, in that it was very popular with lots of sebene and a few remixes of his early hits. Djouna Mumbafu show how he was a catalyst of modern atalakou

- Gérant (1990-91) My personal favorite solo Pepe Kalle album. Roga Milla (what a smash it), Zonga Aime, and Pedro are classics

- Divisé Par Deux (1992) - This album was very popular in Kinshasa at the time of release

- Gardez votre Souffle (1995) Pepe Kalle’s last solo album recorded in Europe. Really excellent sound quality and compositions.

- Cocktail (1998) - Unfortunately he died during the release period. He proved to everyone he could adapt to the Ndombolo era. His young team really shined

Special Mention - Empire Bakuba’s “Savoire Vivre” (1995). The album was recorded in Switzerland and is one of the best sounding albums of the 90’s. Really dance oriented with powerful sebene and Djuna Mumbafu proving why his nickname is “Big One”


How could your miss the Bakuba Show? The mother of all generiques in the world!!!

Congolese Music / Rhumba Japan
« on: December 31, 2019, 18:39 »

The group rhumba japan currently based in Nairobi is an offshoot of the group station japan based in Kinshasa Station japan was founded by Roger Mbuta (Raja Kula Mbuta mutu Noah) in the late 1987 initially named mbata Mbuta orchestra after having played with other notable bands in Congo notably zaiko langa langa,Victoria eleison of king kester,minzoto wella wella and empire bakuba of Pepe kale as a choreographer and dancer. Some of his dances he created while in these bands include “pompe kinsenksion” while at Victoria and at zaiko “sonzo ma”. At Victoria he stayed and worked with king emeneya for a good time and they were so close that he named one of his sons EVALA which was emeneya other name. Evala leads station japan fiesta the band that is sponsored by Atwoli of cotu, and sings about him a lot.

The reason to form his own band came after feeling misused by big bands which would always leave him behind whenever they got an opportunity to travel outside Congo. His brother makela Ewing aka professor suggested the name station japan leading to change of name from mbata Mbuta to station japan and they recruited some musicians strengthening the band in the 90s. They would entertain in clubs and on live TV. They were known for great shows and creation of new dance styles but having not sponsor to record and shoot videos these styles were “stolen” by big bands who went to shoot videos and claim them. Best example was style “mutuka Munene” that was accredited to koffi olomide was a creation of Raja Kula.
Some of the musicians to pass through station japan include guitarist Japonaise Malady who went to Wenge Musica of Werra son, rapper Dolce parabolique Somono who went to QL of koffi, dancer Nono Badiamant who went to QL, singers late Coco Muya and Guejo gelena Star who went to viva la musica of papa wemba, keyboardist Patrick booto who went to Werra son (was poached at mombasa watersports when Werra toured Kenya) soloist Pitchou Santiago who went to wenge musica aile Paris of Marie Paul, Rudolf dinga aile Paris of Manda chant , Pappy Mbonda , drummer Parigo asuka who went to afrisa, drummer Angela sambaro luvengoka who went to Empire Bakuba

IN 1997 Waithaka machua asked Gina monganza of Virunga which band he could bring from Congo to play at his Makati Park to boost sales and he told him to get station japan. He rechecked with Suzuki 4x4 of QL when they toured Kenya and he confirmed same and he sent Jules nsana to go strike and deal and bring the band to Nairobi.The band performed in Nairobi for over 10 months at Makuti Park they opted to take a break and go back home before coming back.

The band members who included Raja kulas brothers Makela Ewing, Rufen Mpata, Ayatollah and his son jibril nfianfia were among the band members who requested raja to give them their pay to do shopping, since all the time in Nairobi raja had agreed that he would retain most of money owed to the band till end of contract so as to pay them in lump sum and that’s what he did but raja didn’t pay the band members instead telling them he would pay them once they arrived in Kinshasa. This annoyed the band members and some quarreled him and rightly suspected he would not pay them.
Other band members were goby lokoni who was rajas deputy, fils ecoze, bevens, kale major, vasco Egama, sauti kubwa poison, sensei majunga Raja would go on to purchase equipment from assanands in Nairobi for use back home in Kinshasa and when they arrived all band members didn’t even have a cent to depart from ndjili airport to their homes, and raja had already slipped away. The equipment was heavy and so modern then that they were hired for use on the day of Kabila’s inauguration in Kinshasa when he arrived on the overthrow of mobutu.

Band members decided unanimously to abandon raja Kula on his own and form an outfit rhumba japan, and make a quick return to Nairobi to take the contract left behind at Makuti Park after machua gave them a go ahead to come back. Meaning of the bands French acronym rumba is Rumba des –Jeunes –Artistes -Polyvalent et -Amateurs de —Nairobi JAPAN in English Meaning rumba japan in French is Rumba of -Youth -Artists -Polyvalent and -Amateurs of -Nairobi

Being short of funds initially 6 guys came back with understanding that they would send money to bring the rest of the band, and that’s how rhumba japan was born under leadership of goby lokoni and bevens. Others in this lot were fils and poison / sauti kubwa, kale major had remained in Nairobi the rest who followed included Vasco Egama, Rufen Mpata, Sensey Majunga, and Jibril Nfianfia and would be joined by Paluku cherigo, Gina monganza, Richard longomba, Fuji wara who were Nairobi based. They played in Nairobi for a few months then they were spotted by then proprietor of Mombasa watersports Mr. Robbie Buluku who lured them to Mombasa where they played for over 6 months before relocating to Nairobi where they found Makuti Park had been burnt down.
After their 1 year contract ended in mombasa they went back to Nairobi where they have stayed ever since making occasional visits to other Kenyan towns Current band members include Goby lokoni – band leader, Egama esange vasco artistic director and rummer, fils ecoze president

Geoffrey Luyuku © 2019

Congolese Music / Re: Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba Poster
« on: December 03, 2019, 06:02 »
Ooh my … Full Option concert.


and that Pepe Kalle also had to sing, having even a cassette of the song he had to sing at home, but he died before on Tuesday while they had to record the song on Wednesday.

Pepe Kalle died on a Sunday.

« on: August 09, 2018, 19:33 »
Pepe Kalle was Empire Bakuba and Empire Bakuba was Pepe Kalle. Period.

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica BCBG 4 x 4 Live OZRT 1991 !!!!
« on: August 09, 2018, 19:31 »

Have been stuck on this video for the last two days. So nostalgic! God bless the poster for sharing this massive wealth of our beloved music...

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