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Congolese Music / Re: (Rare clip) Madilu - Yo Oleki
« on: May 27, 2021, 16:31 »
Fantastic,  I believe this is from his first solo album Napokwa ya Lelo? This was the very first Congolese album I bought for myself, we loved it in the house.

« on: May 27, 2021, 15:27 »

Hmmm, elengieeee evandaka epa na biso eh,boye nde ezala qoi! ;D ;D

« on: May 26, 2021, 10:35 »
Some of the comments on social media ,like "bakomisi ye chinua" (he has been turned into a chinese man) lol.
seems everyone is celebrating his beating especially women. They are saying he likes insulting women a lot,I stopped listening to his rants when he started talking nonsense about Ferre Gola,same goes for Olivier Tshimanga whom I no longer follow.

8 years ago, along Patou Solo, Jeremie Kitubu et Padache(?) he interpreted a song on TV saying it was Jeremie’s song and was supposed to be included in Balle de Match

11:26 and fhen at 12:55 the song Theme/title

Interesting, hope he paid Geremie. I miss Padache and Patou Solo, good that Padache is being utilised well by Heritier,sometimes it's good to move when and reach your potential elsewhere.

The Brazza guys are just excellent. When i want quality music it's Brazza musicians i listen to. Roga Roga is overrated, I prefer Doudou Copa, Kevin Mboaunde and Cegra Carl,these 3 are flying the Brazza flag high.

« on: May 13, 2021, 18:00 »
That girl is fit eh!  ;D The band sounds tight, they will produce powerful generiques and sebene.

Interesting,this is something i have never observed before.

This boy can just fuck off. In the past he was full of praises,showing us an SUV he got from JB and took us on a video show to his locality where he grew up,he showed us his uncle and aunty who raised him and said where he is now and how JB has looked after him like his own son and now he wants to say JB doesn't support his own. He simply messed up. I gave this boy advice one time and his response was positive,i thought he would change his course.
At least his friend Nono Fudji has changed his course, a number of us advised Nono to remember where he is coming from and not disrespect JB Mpiana ,the guy had started going off side and he acknowledged the advice and now settling in well as a solo artist without forgeting his roots.

I loved this generique, oh so he repeated that signature from Min 5.59 on Heritier's new generique.

hadji solo played so well there,shame he is not replicating it now with blaise createur doing animation in lingala and tshiluba
I think Ferre simply doesn't know what he wants with generiques, Hadji has proved to be the best and if you observed,he is the one who has done the last few year's single generiques, the guy is aggressive on lead and if he can only be allowed to work the way he worked at Tonya Tonya and with Lacoste Ferre would sink his rivals. Hadji whose idol and trainer is Mboka Lia makes no mistakes with his playing unlike Charlie. I think Ferre doesn't want to lose Charlie, people started interviewing Charlie alot when Hadji seemed to be overshadowing him and at one point we heard rumours he was knocking at Maison Mere so since then it seems the dust has settled and he's now sharing lead equally with Hadji.

Congolese Music / Re: NEW GAZ MAWETE
« on: May 08, 2021, 12:24 »
This boy's artistic creativity is limited,his songs sound the same.  I liked him when he started ,very talented but he's proved to be limited that's why he's struggling to make it big so choosing polemic to try and make it.

He may be a good singer but not giving respect other musicians will see him go nowhere. He may choose to just say he thought the interview was about him not about Heritier or Innos, dodging questions in that manner just shows he has some complex and that makes some of us continue ignoring these  uknown chaps in Fally's band.

Her services at Maison Mere are no longer needed, the sad part is that Werrason does not want to change, he has no guts and decency to get rid of his staff in a good way, he wants to pit them against one another no wonder they all insult him when they eventually leave.

He so far behind, look at the issues he still goes through...solo career since 2006 smh.
So far behind in what? He's a professional and to be where he is right now is not a joke. Ferre and Fally are Congo's top artists at the moment. Everything going on is strategic for marketing reasons.

Congolese Music / Re: Richard Mukena & doudou copa?
« on: April 26, 2021, 22:10 »
Isnt he on this forum too? Lol

He was but he got banned.
Who was a member here and got banned and for what?

Anastasio created an account here and started posting more than 15 topics a day, no one talked till Matebu posted this:

Hate to be the one to bring this up, but I think we should have the discussion. Would it be possible for us to come to a gentleman’s agreement on the max number of new threads created by one member a day?

It’s getting to a point where I’m loosing track of active threads with dialogue each time I log on (yes I know about the watch thread feature, but it shouldn’t be necessary to use).

I’m thinking 5 a day per members; would like to hear your thoughts

Let’s keep this thread respectful of others

Then bencuri said this to him:

Now Bencuri said to me on my e-mail that everybody posted 5 topics but not more because of...

Now i agreed his reaction.

This rule was actually created exclusively for you, because you are the one who is postig ten or more new topics per day, that is flooding the forum and taking space from others. But don't take it as an assault, you didn't notice this, it's fine, if you feel like you would like to write, just write, but you have to respect others as well. Follow the guidelines I sent you in private message, and it will be just fine. It is a new situation, we have to manage it somehow.

He did not stop so he was banned
;D ;D ;D Ok i didn't realise,i think it's the time i was busy in Zambia. So who was this guy Richard or Doudou?

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