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Someone needs to reupload this repertoire again! The bass guitar on the Stilla sebene sounded incredible. Not forgetting the fantastic Salami Na Ngai cover. If someone has the entire show, please upload it!

High quality versions of the tracks have been uploaded!
Whoever LEON L. MALU-MALU is we have a lot to thank him for! I love the sebenes to "Malila", "Mokili Echanger" and "Alleluiah"

1. Showman
2. Mokili 'echanger'

3. Alleluiah
4. Sina Nduku   

5. Nalimbisi Yo   

6. Sans Reponse
7. Malila

8. Lipou

Can you ever imagine Michael Jackson and King Kester Emeneya on the same track?  ;)

Congolese Music / Emeneya - Mela Primus (The Full Version)
« on: December 05, 2019, 15:29 »
One of my favourite Emeneya songs to cut shapes to! This song should've been performed live! Other than that, I can hear Michael Jackson or maybe Prince on this track as a guest featuring! Also, imagine if this was done in an American studio!

This is the full version from the vinyl! Not from the CD!


20 years ago, one of my favourite "rebel" albums by an unfortunately short-lived band ACADEMIA, was released! This album has brought me so many memories of my younger days in the early 2000s when I started nursery! My fondest of memories were watching these guys on VHS back in my old flat in West London!

Musically, what I love especially about the album is the extra reverberated bass played by Pathy Bass which gives it a live concert kind of feel! He really rocked it on the 100 Ans sebene!

With the "SANCTION" Générique, I loved how  I felt like I was taken into a football match with the cheering and the référée whistles done by Charly Mbonda! The music video really helped with that with the whole band dressed up in football kits! This definitely needs to be part of a World Cup soundtrack or something!

Lebou Kabouya! What a monster on that lead guitar! The distortion and the flanger effect on the Speed Life sebene after the Ndombolo breakdown! Fantastic!

Sam "Che Guevara", Geco Bouro and Modogo! They made a a choir with just 3 vocals! A common studio trick but INCREDIBLE how they used it! It sounded like 10 people singing on the record!

My favourite song from the album would have to be "100 Ans" because of that rockstar kind of intro that was done!

My favourite rumba would have to be... Ingratitude! It starts off all rock and roll-ish and then it slows down into a nice ballad! My favourite parts are when Bouro sings "Yo okoma ko se kolela lelaaaah" and when Sam sings "Lebou Kabuyaeeeehh" and you get it echoing in the background right after!

Favourite music video?!: Speed Life! Where they perform at Zénith! You see the crowd jumping away and enjoying themselves and Bouro Mpela is just being classic Bouro Mpela doing his famous Ndombolo breakdown in between!

Mboshi Lipasa and Somono Dolce where absolutely fire on animation! I loved the Tshiluba animation that they did! "Manu wa ba lumiana" and the "Yaki mbembe" with the goalkeeper hands!

I loved how in SDF they used the "Live A Libreville 1998" Sebene intro and the Outro Sebene of Loi from Olympia for "Faux Patron" and of course the "Bonne Année 1995" intro sebene for "SANCTION"

Faux Patron... What a banger! Pit Barrcadi and Jacky Neg Marrons on da track! I couldn't make out what the chorus was saying though.

There's so much to say but to conclude

Just my opinion!

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide- U ARENA (A new clue!)
« on: November 02, 2019, 18:58 »

From my investigation, Koffi has mentioned that February 2020 will month of the concert in this insta video! Could this be a clue?

Congolese Music / JB Mpiana... Here we go again!
« on: October 28, 2019, 23:28 »
I don't know what's taking longer. Brexit, or JB's album LMFAO. It's getting boring now.

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomide - Onya (1979) RARE
« on: October 25, 2019, 09:37 »
It's finally been found! I'm personally happy, being a Koffi fan of course! Onya is what you would call the "Mother" of Tsiane. Released exactly 40 years ago. Hearing this recording has made me consider the improvement that Koffi has made vocally! In the 2nd transition of the song, his vocal sounded a bit weak. But when he re-recorded this song as "Tsiane" you can hear how much more power he has in his voice after 13 years! Even when singing Onya, I keep saying Tsiane because I'm so used to it! Haha

Plus, this is a great way to reflect on the 41 years of Koffi's career! Especially when these new archives are getting dug up. You can really tell that "Agbada" has come a long way!

Today marks exactly 30 years, since this bone chilling performance was given. The "Grand Maître" Franco on his last legs. When I first heard this, it felt so painful! The sound of the guitar solo just didn't sound like Franco. The illness made the Sorcerer of the guitar, lose his magic but not his strength to give a subtle performance! He tried and tried but he was too weak but still motivated to stand up and have one more go at doing his solo. Even though it wasn't the greatest show ever, to me, it was a good way to close the curtains and say goodbye!
Alongside that we're almost close to 30 years since Franco's death. May the legend rest in peace!

Franco's final goodbye also reminds me of the song "These Are The Days Of My Life" by Queen. In which the video contains a very pale and sick Freddy Mercury as he was slowly suffering the symptoms of HIV but he was giving it his all one last time before dying in 1991.


Koffi Olomide has finally made the combattants come around. It's safe to say that the concerts are returning to Paris and not in 2085 as Boketshu wrongfully predicted ;D We're getting a concert NEXT YEAR! I am absolutely over the moon! Why? Because for me, it will be my first ever big Koffi concert as I was only 7 months old when Zenith happened and 1 1/2 years old when Bercy happened! This is going to be an experience of a lifetime! I don't know about you guys but I'm excited! I'm also in great hope that Koffi will bring back the old members of Quartier Latin to join him! Lord have mercy, I'm ready!

Also, the seating capacity is so much bigger than Bercy! In 2000, I think there were 17,000 seats to fill. As of today, another 3,300 seats have been added! But as of "La Défense" we're looking at a whopping, 40,000 seats! (Unfortunately, still less than Parc Des Princes! Imagine if he was allowed to play there during the "Ba Pleins" era) If Koffi fills it, it will make him the First African Artist in history to do so! Especially when it's a brand new arena too! (Opened in 2017)

You guys ready?!

(16:11 mark) [JB Mpiana live at Zénith in 1999]

(5:36 mark) [JB Mpiana- Pipina Jeannpy in 2000]

(3:33 mark) [Koffi Olomide's Force De Frappe Générique in 2000]

(13:23 mark) [Koffi Olomide- Sebene live at LSC 2000]

I don't know about you guys but... I have a feeling that this may be a coincidence or so. Just my opinion!
What do you think?!  :-\

Congolese Music / Alain Makaba was at JB Mpiana's Zenith?!
« on: August 23, 2019, 13:57 »
(11:24 mark)

It took me by surprise to discover that Alain Makaba was at JB's Zenith concert because I would've thought that by the time that happened, he would've disappeared! It's a shame he did! Can you imagine what TH would've sounded like with a Makaba-esque sound?!

From 34:46 until 38:20! Every time I watch this video my stomach hurts every time after laughing so hard. I don't know about you but I think the whisky must've hit him HARD! LMFAO. It took him how many minutes to get through the first verse of 'Diabolos'?!

Plus... If you're up for a drinking game, take a shot for each time Koffi says "MOUCHOIRS" LOL!

From the 6:09 Mark... The lead guitar and bass coordination is absolutely groovy! I actually had it on repeat for almost half an hour! For me, "Mwalimu: A là une" is the best album made by Nouvelle Écriture while it lasted!

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