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Congolese Music / Re: Old photo of Lengi Lenga and Nyoka Longo
« on: February 17, 2020, 23:05 »
Nice picture, back in those days Nyoka Longo was a big mobutist and used to praise MPR often in Zaiko songs like Kin Kiesse. Even during those so called "democracy" days of 1990-1997, he used to support MPR and Mobutu during meetings. Back in 1990 they even recorded song for the Bindo-project "MPR ezongi pona makambu ya Bindo", which was made to corrupt people in order to support MPR and forget all those crimes Mobutu were doing in 1990.

The abacost, people don’t wear it anymore since 1990. Imagine Maître Gims wearing it, he could start a trend with it.

Congolese Music / Re: Fally and F'Victeam rehearse for Bercy
« on: February 17, 2020, 22:55 »
Is there anyone going to the concert? For those who are, please be safe. Those combatants are surely to try something, but I know you guys got those hands for those who want them lol

@CM Prince, @Congolitude, @Archos, @SLK97, @Pole Position (Kiekie bro ,we won't judge you brother) - any of you guys attending? A few of my cousins got tickets, but they are not sure if it's going to happen because of you know who

I heard that there will be some protection and that they will pick up fans from a train or metrostation in buses and bring them until the entrance of Bercy and that they will be escorted by the police.

Congolese Music / Re: Fally and F'Victeam rehearse for Bercy
« on: February 17, 2020, 22:53 »

Has Kabuya always had these problems or did it come with success like Babia?

About Babia it was not because of succes, but because of the people he came in touch. When he joined Quartier Latin he didn't use drugs and didn't even drink alcohol. Babia started to use drugs when he was released from prison in Switserland.When he joined Modogo Gianfranco Ferre's band Place Vendome briefly in 1995, he came in touch with people from N'djil, who used to sell strong drugs, so from then he started to use coke and other stuff. Then when he came Kinshasa, he became really addicted (in Africa, they always add other stuff, which make people lose their head and make them really addicted). His ex'wife Nicky (who today makes often videos with Ken Mpiana, back in those days she didn't look like that) became also in touch with that, so it was making it worser, since that they were both using it, until that he divorced in 2008 and started a relationship with Alima Djamal, becoming from then a muslim.

Congolese Music / Dadju will perform at Parc des Princes
« on: February 13, 2020, 01:07 »
While Congolese artists and pastors like Blaise Manzambi of Casarhema are dreaming about U-Arena also known Paris La Defense Arena, Dadju will perform at the Parc des Princes-stadium this summer on June the 7th. The stadium has the capacity of 47.428 seats, but during concerts it goes up to 50.000. Artists didn't perform for a long time in Parc des Princes (since 2010), after that soccer-team Paris Saint Germain was bought by the Qataries,  they didn’t like concerts in their stadium because concerts would mess the field up. But now they got a solution for it.

I guess that the VHS serie Destination Parc des Princes (Volume 1 & 2) inspired him when he was a kid. Recently Dadju made an interview and said that his role models were Koffi Olomide and Werrason. I wonder if he will fill the stadium, because recently he performed at Bercy which he filled, but it was in a 12.000 seats configuration. Maybe that he will release an album or single before the event.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 12, 2020, 23:44 »
Litio ya Calendrier is a song credited to Koffi Olomide. According to Colombani Wasenga the song had to be credited to Papa Wemba, since that wrote Wake Up for Koffi Olomide and Litio ya Calendrier for Papa Wemba. But Koffi Olomide apparently felt in love with the text that is difficult to understand, so he asked Wemba if he could credit the song to himself which Wemba accepted.

from 9:12 min he is explaining the song Litio ya Calendrier

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 12, 2020, 21:44 »
Thanks for posting the booklet. A big to shout-out to Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Popolipo, Maika Munan, Philipe Guez, Souzy Kaseya, Alain Makaba and Jean Marie Motingia of Zaiko(Koffi used to be a big fan of him) for the big work. Till this day Clan-Wenge fans, their journalists and leaders keeps minimizing this album and see it as attack to their legacy, acting like they are better than Wemba & Koffi and that the Congolese music-scene only belonged to them, being still traumatised the way their elders demolished Pentagone.

Koffi Olomide and Wemba are credited as songwriters, but the most songs aren't even written by him. The songs like Wake Up and Litio Ya Calendrier are written by Colombani Wasenga (R.I.P.), the song Naomie was written by Max Mongali (R.I.P.) of the old Yeye National (who also orginally written the song Esclave for Papa Wemba backin the 80s), songs like Dodo Mpela & Esakola by Bogus Bompema who used to be leader of Lemba Musica of Binda Bass, Sweet Elesse, Bourman Idolo, Armand Ngolo (R.I.P.) and co.

Wake Up is in my opinion one of the best duo-albums in the world. But many people see Wake Up as a Koffi-album, but it were the Wemba songs of Wake Up who had were big hits (Mi-Amor, Esakola, Maryama Terre Batue and Dodo) while of the songs credited to Koffi (except Wake Up) were not big hits compared to those of Wemba. The album would give Koffi a bigger boost, who was already a big star in Africa and a little bit in the shadow of Wemba who then a big star in western world, because of Le Voyageur and Emotion and had then a big fanbase in Kinshasa (if you will say it today, many people won't believe you or even attack you, but it's the truth. You can't change history), so crazy that Wemba lost all the respect he had in the mid 90's in one minute.

Its a shame that the two guys didn't make a big tour around Europe, America, Asia and Africa to promote Wake Up. Just after the release of the album they restarted beefing again, because of "songi songi" from their so called "common friends" who told to Wemba that Koffi attacked him in the song Moussoukou-Soukou by saying "pona ko kanga ki-pungu pungi, il faut kotia soyi". There were already conflicts during the recording, because of Koffi don't wanting to share the mabanga-money he received from donors and fans with Wemba (Wemba sung all his friends and donors for free) and Wemba calling him a "commercent" and saying Bavard vas (Emeneya profiting from it after the release of Wake Up, being furious then he didn't receive a shout-out and releasing a VHS with the title "Bavard Vas" and attacking both guys).

Hugues Voghel asking a point why Quetin didn't release any album since 2007 when he released Virgule and Quetin Moyascko replying that he could release on this moment 4 albums who are already finished. Adding that he recorded one album with Durrel Loemba and that the cd's who were already printed, but that their producers changed their mind on the last minute when they were about to release it (hahaha they surely received a phone call from ....). Quetin has to look for pastors, because this isn't normal. 4 unreleased albums since 13 years!!!!!!!! His rival surely blocked his name in the village Oyo hahahahaha.

I just heard that actor/comedian Dady Kitambala « Tapis Rouge »passed  away, after reading it from Vicent Tshilizui’s Facebook-page, who’s his nephew.

Yeah, he really tried to commit suicide. Back in those days you could get alot of money and clothes from people when you arrived in Europe plus back in those days you hadn't replica's of expanisve clothes in Kinshasa, coming from China, Turkey, Dubai and Maroc, everything was coming directly from Italy,Paris, London and Switserland. If someone came from back from Europe it was always a big event in Kinshasa even if it was a dancer. That's why alot of musicians and dancers would go to sorceers, in the hope to see their name of the list.

Yes, people were surprised for not seeing Babia on the list. Because she was then the biggest star of the band. It's not true that Koffi was doubting because of his arrest, otherwise he wouldn't thiking about to bring him for the Loi-recordings (which didn't happen) and the Olympia-tour. Koffi wanted to punish him for the way the started to become undisciplined (started to become late during rehearshals and using drugs), he was already punished by not getting a song in Ultimatum.

People didn't even know that there was a version of Willy, Babia, Eric Tutsi and co of Ultimatum. They were already used of the new squad (Bouro-Suzuki-Modogo-Tshintu), having already seen them in the 40eme Anniversaire VHS and they spent already 4 months or something like that in Europe before that Ultimatum came out. Suzuki was already known, because of singing in the previous albums V12, Magie, Noblesse Oblige and Pas de Faux de Pas. The same for Modogo who sung in V12 and Magie and who came in France in 1995.

Sam Tshintu started to get known because of the way he appeared in the V12-videoclips (Bambino) and the 40eme anniversaire-videotape. But he wasn't famous then like Babia Ndonga, Willy Bula, Modogo and Eric Tutsi who already went to Europe and had multiple vocals on their name.

Damn he really tried to commit suicide ? I guess Europe was very important for them before even now it may be worse because of the concert ban.

People must be surprised back then that Koffi didn't bring Babia on European tour (is it true that he was doubting about bringing him because of his 1994 arrest ?)

It's really sad that Koffi lost the files of the Ultimatum version he recorded with Suzuki,Babia,Willy Bula,Eric Tutsi,Sam Tshintu & Modogo in Kenya in 1996 (before Bouro's came in Quartier Latin right ? ) were people dissapointed to not hearing them all in the album ?

Despite having the song Shambouyi in Magie was Sam Tshintu really known before Ultimatum ? Because he didn't have a chance to do a vocal.

How did they manage to get that contract in Ivory Coast, without having an album on the market. Were the people in Ivory Coast aware about the split? Or was the contract meant for Roga's band ?

I remember him having problems 10 years ago when he announced the song Mr le depute. The next time he has to surprise them, by saying nothing and releasing those kind of songs immediately.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 08, 2020, 18:52 »
None of the booklets Next Music made for Koffi  were on the level of Sono and Sonodisc. Do you also have Wake Up ?


I friend of mine used to see back in the 90s already that he was addicted to cocaine and other strong stuff. Back in 2003-04, rumors were spread that he was very addicted to drugs, that he lost his head and that he used to sleep in subway stations.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 07, 2020, 22:28 »
Techno Malewa was the first album that was totally arranged by Leny Bidens after being years long his father's assistant (Sec Bidens). Before the recording, he was also involved in Werra's Zenith '08 (but the sound was very bad, they had to do the sound balance very quick, after that Mokobe finished his concert very late and the musicians being threatened by combattans). But he would got his revenge with the two Zenith's of Werrason and Ferre Gola in 2010, who had an excellent sound.

I'm happy to see the booklet. Now I can prove my friends that it wasn't Kimbangu Solo who played on volume 1, but Christian Solo. I used to come with multiple proofs that Christian Solo played, coming with videos of 2mukwata and seka moke plus old articles from Digitalcongo. But they were still not believing me, even after showing the video of Wenge Maison Mere arriving in Brussels for the mixing when they were arrested at the airport (the video where Kakol called Koffi "Koko Ntiri", who's a character), which was the same trip where Christian decided to ran away.

I'm surprised to see Cedrick Bass Beton, who used then to be a reserve-member to be also credited. Also crazy to see Mavungu, because it's very rare to see Werrason invite a session artist to play mbonda on Maison Mere albums, I wonder what made him decide to invite him. The same for Michel Bass, because Werra once said in 2014 during an interview with Mamie Ilela, that he hates all people who left him and that those left will become automatic his enemy. Still funny to see how the songs Diego Music, Mitterant Champagne and Salon d'Honneur are credited to Werrason.

When did Chevignon synthe leave Maison Mere ? and from which moment did Thierry Synthe rejoin Wenge Maison Mere after being Bill Clinton's musician for a moment. Was Thierry Synthe also present at Zenith '08 ?

Where is the promised "Disque d'Or" of Diego Music? Because at FIKIN '09, he said that Malewa was close to become a gold record in France and after Zenith '10 he said that they had to wait just some weeks and that he would present it at the Double Olympia-event that never came.

Is Adney Image still active, the combattans-phenomenon really killed alot of businesses in the Congolese community of Europe.


this one for example.

off topic: look how the blue paint of Vodacom is slowly getting of the wall and stands at YMCA. This while there are every week basketball, judo and wrestling matches there. Not that the people working there even think about painting weekly the blue colors on the wall and stands. Only waiting for a European NGO doing that for them and if you confront them about their negligence,  they will look weird to you (like you are exagerrating and arrogant). The same for Stade Cardinal Malula (where people who used to live in Brazza, still sleeps).

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