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Congolese Music / Jitrois & Ado Yuhe part 2
« on: July 19, 2021, 22:23 »


Why was Werrason mad when shaking hands with JB ? When he was quitting the hall he was so nervous and was like he wanted to get home, so quick as possible. JB was just calm. The crazy part of the story is that JB he broke his wrist the next day.

« on: July 18, 2021, 01:52 »
The guy wasn't a playa lol. I think you misunderstood the girl, the guy is a soccer-player in Angola.

« on: July 17, 2021, 18:19 »

Congolese Music / Ado Yuhe & Popl Mopasula
« on: July 17, 2021, 17:36 »

So Ado Yuhe and Popol Mopasula stopped their beef

Congolese Music / Alain Mpela retour sur scene
« on: July 17, 2021, 02:42 »

Durrel Loemba is mad that Regis Touba claimes to be the founder of  Z1 International

Roi David didn't get any 12. He stayed in Europe, because he couldn't return since that his ex'wife stole all money, furniture, etc. of his house and Werrason accepting it, making jokes about it on tv (I forgot what he said, it was something about fufu/mbadi).

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica Aile Paris
« on: July 13, 2021, 08:11 »
Although Molangi ya Malasi is Ricoco Bulambemba's solo album, I prefer it above Nganga Nzambe. Its has that old Paris-sound, mixing Soukous with the authentic Congolese music-genre, which is quite rare, while Nganga Nzambe is a copy of Victoria Eleison mixed the old Anti-Choc stye.

Molangi ya Malasi is magic, like Matebu, Proclamation, Place Vendome, the song Molangi ya Malasi (due to it's videoclip), gave many youngsters the desire to come to Europe with the song Mundele Ndombe, Ricoco describing the trip from Kinshasa to Paris and the Paris-nightlife at that time. Ricoco dedicated a song to God in the song Nouveau Testament.

Nganga Nzambe is not bad, it's also an excellent album like Molangi ya Malasi. But it's like Marie Paul, had to cry all his pain out. Because almost all songs are betrayal in love. In the song Fidelite sens Unique he sung against Wenge 4x4, who betrayed him in his opinion. It made Wenge 4x4 mad and they recorded Le Monde est Mechant as reaction. My favorite song in Nganga Nzambe is Dernier Sommeil d'Amour. Nganga Nzambe is normally Marie Paul's solo album, but his gave lead guitarist Zing Zong the opportunity to put a song, which had Jus d'Ete Mulopwe as lead singer.

Nganga Nzambe did it well, but it's the trip to Kinshasa the same year and the remix-album that boosted the album more, because Molangi ya Malasi was first still dominating it. It could have been different, if Ricoco decided to go with them to the trip instead of changing his mind after getting influenced by his "mpangi ya bwala" Aimé Buanga.

For there's no album of Wenge 4x4 that comes close to Kin E Bougé, which is recorded with only 9 musicians. That album changed everything and is revolutionary on many aspects. But I prefer Molangi ya Malasi over it.

Congolese Music / Re: Who were these atalaku's ?
« on: July 13, 2021, 07:53 »
Ahahahah all these stories about the Mocking by Congolese musicians are so funny, by the way what is the Bue Sign? And why did Werra took Aimelia if Werra himself said that Aimelia was the musician who hurt him the most? And why did Aimelia choose Maison Mère After the BCBG time? I mean why going to the place whom you used to mock?

Bue is the sign first Wenge 4X4 musicians after the release of Feux de l'Amour and later Wenge BCBG-musicians from 1997 until 1999, used to do often.

Calugi and Mpela doing it on 2:25 min

Mpela, Titina, Theo Bidens, Calugi all doing the Bue-sign 6:23 min

Werrason wanted Aimelia to join, because he needed another tenorist, felt that Adjani would stay in Europe and Lacoste may follow Adolphe Dominguez, when using Sankara and other as spy against Adolphe. Through Didi Kinuani, who was close to Aimelia, he convinced him to join Wenge Maison Mere. Musicians of the past generations didn't really care about x or y person attacking them on tv if they could serve their interest, Bercy was the person who used to attack Werrason the most when he was with Ferre (more than Marcahouse at that time), but he ended by joining Wenge Maison Mere, Gessac attacking Koffi in sebenes and interviews but joining Quartier Latin, etc. etc.

Aimelia stayed in Europe after the Zenith/Olympia-tour, because he was forbidden to sing on TH, after all those conflicts he got in Wenge BCBG and the big car-accident in Wenge BCBG that made Patricia Bingetox paralysed. So when staying in Europe, he recorded his solo-album Constat with help from Sec Bidens and Alain Makaba. After releasing the album, he was about to record the videoclips, but he got then contacted by Didi Kinuani to join Wenge Maison Mere. Aimelia refused first, because he didn't like Werrason at all for all stuff that happened in Wenge 4x4. But after thinking well, he ended up by accepting, knowing that it was hard to succeed as solo-artist and not wanting to end up by doing jobs and getting quickly forgotten by the Congolese community, like most Europe-based musicians. Didi Kinuani himself promised to pay him every month money. Then when the BCBG-camp heard that he was about to join Wenge Maison Mere, they tried to convice him to rejoin Wenge BCBG. Aimelia was about to meet JB Mpiana at the Ibis-Hotel but got then informed that he had to talk with Alain Mpela & Titina first, which made him angry and heading immediatly to Bercy where Maison Mere had to perform that day (BCBG performed the same day at LSC).


hahahahaha, Quetion Moyascko did them really dirty. I think that it was better for Werrason if he used same strategy in Kinshasa, to get rid of Adolphe Dominguez and Didier Masela.

Congolese Music / Wazekwa & Ado Yuhe
« on: July 11, 2021, 21:06 »

Congolese Music / Re: Who were these atalaku's ?
« on: July 11, 2021, 04:44 »
Aimelia used to look down on Ferre during the Wenge 4x4 days and when he joined Maison Mere at Bercy, Ferre wanted to form a camp with other musicians to make his time in Maison Mere hard. But Celeo & Lacoste didn't follow them and where the only one who were cool with him in the first months. Ferre was really mad at Lacoste, when Lacoste gave the mic to Aimelia after finishing singing Vita-Imana, the moment Werrason was about to present Aimelia to the public.

Another thing that made many of Maison Mere-camp still hate Aimelia was the way that they didn't forget how often Aimelia and Alain Mpela would drive with their new mercedes to La Zamba Playa after coming back from Europe with Wenge BCBG, when they were still preparing Force d'Intervention Rapide and none of them having a car. He would often follow the singers close with his car, to almost hit them and driving fast away. Also him often mocking them openly on tv and like Alain Mpela, naming themselves Wenge Socimat, which hurted the Maison Mere camp alot. There was once a show of journalist Thierry Pinzi, where Aimelia was invited to represent Wenge BCBG and JDT representing Wenge Maison Mere, but Aimelia not wanting to give JDT a hand, prefering to due the Bue-sign. Werrason himself said to Aimelia, that Aimelia was the person who hurted him the much for the way he used to scream on tv "ouais, ndenge ezali" as reaction when JB Mpiana, Blaise Bula and Alain Makaba would say something to diss Werrason, Adolphe and Masela on tv.

Congolese Music / Re: Ramazani & Ado Yuhe
« on: July 11, 2021, 03:43 »
The sound of Ramazani's guitar is fresh. You don't have to make fast complicated sebenes to make people dance.

First I though that I was the only one to say "Aah Alpatchino" when hearing the sebenes of Fula Ngenge, A La Une or Thierry Mogratana & Ramazani playing one of them. So sad that he passed away. It would be nice if Jeannot Bel would contact Ramazani for a tutorial of Respect, Fula Ngenge, Extra Large, Moperewe, Ravisse, Suivez le Guide & Danao.

Ramazani is lucky that he's not a bandleader. Because otherwise musicians would mock him or imitate him the way he says Choc Stars "Choké Staar" hahahaha and his Swahili-accent.

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