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I see what you are saying but that’s not really fair to compare because we haven’t seen CNN do brigades ones

Did people not receive Premiere Classe well?

Congolese Music / Re: ROBINIO
« on: June 02, 2020, 23:05 »
Yh he really went on a weird musical path, however he’s been putting out clips of rehearsals on his Instagram for his new album and it looks very promising that we may get something different (in a good way).

Probably from the search bar maybe if there’s a particular topic that someone is interested in or wants info on that was discussed a while ago

Could someone please translate it summarise all the information that he gave it what he said please

This stuff is soo hilarious loooool I’m sure these people don’t hear themselves when they speak.

Is this the same guy who the song on Flèche Ingeta is dedicated to.

The battles are often done off of ten top hits or big tunes so the battles may be closer than you’d assume eg with BCBG vs WMMM

I don’t know if you use, but Prudence is on Spotify.

Archos, could you please also translate the message and maybe lyrics of this song it would be much appreciated Boss.

This beautiful song by the group, could somebody please give the general message of the song and if possible translate the lyrics too.

It would be Much appreciated if you could do

I do agree that fally fans run social media and are very biased however, this video particularly should also be taken as light mocking it’s not such bad disrespect.

100% American validation is no way to judge an artist from Africa, the respect is nice and appreciated but we cannot hold it so high in importance.

The album at first listen was really decent but seemed monotonous, but on second listen the Rumbas are very nice especially JDTs feature although I believe the sebene to rumba ratio should be more even.

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