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JB Mpiana presented them at LSC, because they were "bana poto", Richard Mukena coming from Belgium, JDL from France and Bikou le Brun from U.K. JDL & Richard Mukena both joined in 1999, you can see Richard Mukena sitting behind Fi-Carre when they performed the song Masuwa at Stade des Martyrs. At that time they were not known because they hadn't song on TH. So when those TH-concerts started, JB Mpiana started to present them in every big event of Kinshasa to the crowd (FIKIN, Bandal, etc.). Bikou le Brun joined in 2000 when JB Mpiana came to mix TH, he was introduced by JB's staff of London.

JDL used to be JB's mukala when touring in Europe and continued to be it when coming in Europe, JB sending him get some food and being also his bodyguard at the same time. It's not for nothing that Jordan Kusa dissed by without naming his name in that Ben Laden vs Les Allies-VHS. Saying that he used to be a keyboard-player in the past and  a bodyguard at Quick-Restaurant.
He often does this happen when singers have joined kin based bands coming from europe

7eme Lecon is better than Alerte Generale
Damn this is wild
it ain't just a little better its ALOT better
... Bro come on now, which parts are better? I mean Demukusse and Celeo really schooled Bill and Les Marquis yes 7eme Leçon is funnier with I'll throwing all those shots at Werra like "Miziki ya Koko Wana elalaaa ee" etc. But Alerte Generale was way better especially the transituin between Celeo and ROI David "Bana bakomi Mikolo, balingi ba finga Ya Ngiama..." Etc.

4:38 is fire as hell, 8:54, 9:55 this part right here is better than alerte generale and only bill Clinton and have a 11 minute generiuqe and all of it be fire meanwhile on alerte gnerale i get bored as hell 7 minutes in. let me make one thing clear its not a bad song its not better than 7eme lecon that's all.
They may have schooled him they ain't nowhere near as good as Bill that's a fact, have listened to Alerte Generale throughout the week and I dont get the hype at all sous sol is better techno malewa is better even Ligne 11 is a better generique, I don't know lingala so maybe that's the issue lol
First you say Voodoo is much better than Sanction and Viagra, then you say Detresse isn’t that good of a song, then you say Ekokota isn’t that good of an Atalaku and now you’re saying 7eme Lecon, Sous Sol and Ligne II are better than Alerte Générale. Ehhh nzambe I’m honestly terrified with what you’re gonna come out with next.
Loooooool some of these takes are soo crazy my gosh

What about Embargo by Patrouille des Stars , it dropped in the beginning of September 2000 and they were nominated in the Kota Awards ?
Fire album one of my all time faves like @Manzambi said I didn’t hear them for a while but when I listened to it I haven’t stopped, definitely in the debate for top 3 albums of 2000

lol are you serious ? Maybe for Brazzaville-albums. 2000 had also albums like A La Une, Force de Frappe & Jeu Muke who all came out towards the end of 2000.
I’m not saying it’s definitely top 3 I’m just saying that based on quality it can be in that conversation because it’s not crazy to compare it to some of those top albums.

so he really dropped his song with aimelia out of dynastie project,i think he willgive to lacoste those latin american contracts he was talking about with ferre
If Lacoste gets it we won’t hear the rest of it

What about Embargo by Patrouille des Stars , it dropped in the beginning of September 2000 and they were nominated in the Kota Awards ?
Fire album one of my all time faves like @Manzambi said I didn’t hear them for a while but when I listened to it I haven’t stopped, definitely in the debate for top 3 albums of 2000

« on: May 18, 2021, 17:30 »
Here.... (He has been around for awhile though)

These guys are clowns so they put him in the first team despite not having an album out? Like yes he is on now and what he will sing ? And on what album? BCBG really needs someone to kick some sense into them and to force them to release an album and stop with these endless concerts leaving fans disappointed, JB Asila kala
Looool honestly this is like a factory has shut down and is still employing workers

Could people put the link to other fara fara concerts they think are the best ones

« on: May 14, 2021, 20:07 »
I personally really like Tanzanian music I listen to it second most after Rumba. But there structure is really to be admired this artist rayvanny is signed to WCB or was last I heard who is Diamond platnumz label and he also has the other couple of big Tanzanians there eg Mbosso. Then the other big guy in Tanzania Harmonize who did the song with Awilo the other day also has a big label of talents. Werra, Koffi, Fally etc need to see this model and do similar. Harmonize and diamond have literally created the next gen even promoting and giving features on singles albums etc without complex.

Jb could’ve seriously have used this playback as an actual clip and sent it on channels to promote it.
hell no he shouldn't have these videos are terrible. unless its quantity over quality
This video ain’t terrible, it’s obviously aged cause it was from a VHS from 24 years ago, it’s obviously not gonna have HD. It’s the same quality of the Wenge Bokosepela clips.
Im saying that the viewing exprience is not quality, not the actual graphic "quality"
I see what you’re saying but there was a lot of clips back then that were like that just look at the Droit de Veto clips lol
I agree CM there were but I think there’s a general lack of energy in this vid anyway for the song although I still agree it would’ve been better than nothing

« on: May 13, 2021, 20:20 »
Any news on like when they could release more

Congolese Music / Re: MY GOD, CHAI...
« on: May 13, 2021, 17:11 »
Who’s the singer in the cap though he sounds very good

but na filet,ibrator in short the big names coming from  fabro's group
then for olders koffi of course who writes,but also buys or can take a song and insert sentences from it in several songs so that dont sue him for payment as  he'll say text is different now,he also does it to keep his reflexes of writing
other than him wazekwa karmapa
Ok thanks alot

yeah  it was still much ofa taboo then except papa wemba who is probably the artist who acknowledged the most and the biggest number of writers
A bit off topic but are there any of the big guys today who write at all some of their stuff even the younger guys like but na filet , ibrator etc

Mboka Liya is the most underrated soloist of the golden generation of Wenge

I don't think so. He gets alot respect sometimes even more than Makaba by the generation of today due to his little contribution in Maison Mere and Zenith 1999 of JB Mpiana, youngsters trying to replicate his solo's. Btw this concert he didn't lead play much, here he played mostly rhythm to play lead only towards the end of the concert during Titanic.

The one who's the most underrated solist is Maitre Fi-Carre Mwamba. He played hits like Kalayi Boeing, Pentagone-generique, La Verite, Masampu (who's sebene became the intro of Wenge during concerts of 1994 until 1996), Cresois, Danico, Filandu, Walay Danico and many others. But doesn't get the credits he deserve.
I agree with you but I think it’s because sometimes people get confused on who has played which songs and which partitions so they forget about Him

I like this intro, why didn't Arme Lourdre create more intro's like that ? Such concerts are better when they are performed in Kinshasa when they have that hunger to prove the other a point that they are better or when as first concert of the tour, but it's still a good concert.

fara-fara concerts that I want to see are Heritier Wantanabe vs Fabregas, JB Mpiana vs Zaiko Nouvelle Formule, Ferre Gola vs Fally Ipupa, Zaiko Nouvelle Formule vs Koffi Olomide and Inoss B vs Gaz Mawete. But it won't happen because they are all sacred like babies.
JB Mpiana vs Zaiko I will fly from London to Kin to watch, I think because they have nothing to prove they’ll just let loose and perform very well and it will be sooo danceable.

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