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I like this intro, why didn't Arme Lourdre create more intro's like that ? Such concerts are better when they are performed in Kinshasa when they have that hunger to prove the other a point that they are better or when as first concert of the tour, but it's still a good concert.

fara-fara concerts that I want to see are Heritier Wantanabe vs Fabregas, JB Mpiana vs Zaiko Nouvelle Formule, Ferre Gola vs Fally Ipupa, Zaiko Nouvelle Formule vs Koffi Olomide and Inoss B vs Gaz Mawete. But it won't happen because they are all sacred like babies.
JB Mpiana vs Zaiko I will fly from London to Kin to watch, I think because they have nothing to prove they’ll just let loose and perform very well and it will be sooo danceable.

i dont like his voice he almost ruined Kalayi boeing album, for me personally is Bill Clinton and Brigade waaaay better and its not even close
I hope you're joking
Honestly this might just be the WORST take I’ve ever seen on this forum


seen as the best or more popular dancer of the new generation

Mam she is so hot, why Fabro hadn't married her instead of making her the sidechick? He could have had a relationship like Heritier and Jacklove have, anyway Congolese music ain't easy for a dancer, I would see her well in F'Victeam group tbh, she has the beauty to go there and stay, in QL she will struggle being one of the few young dancers and in WMM well that really isn't her fit, while Robinio and Heritier's bands simply don't suit her F'Victeam is the best group to join
Maybe I’m just late but huh heritier and jacklove?

Wasted 3min of my life again...could of used it on pornhub
You don’t like it?

Happy Birthday Archos God bless for many more years

I wanted to post this song but I forgot obviously the polemic is a part of it, but also considering the state of the genre at the moment let’s also appreciate the song and try boost Patrick as we can I personally think he’s very talented

This song is FIRE the Sebene is one of my fave QL ones ever

In my opinion greatest is a combination of quality, impact and achievement, continental/global audience or reach, and also the timeless hits they have. Based on these factors all combined fally is probably top 5. Quality wise I’d put the likes of King kester and werra above but using these factors of greatness it becomes a lot more debatable.

I really like Premiere class and vibes has grown on me especially the dance but overall his Generiques rarely are that good

How many générique ? Please don't tell me just one or two? And how many Sebenes? I hope they are not zero
There’s actually no Generique or Sebene.... everything’s Rumba..
My gosh I can’t believe this

Huh what did he say about Nyoka longo

Just a question guys, if the views are alright and the music quality is good. Even if it doesn’t have the most buzz is that the biggest issue as long as he can maybe get some nice concert shows soon?

Could you translate for us please

Ahhh ok because I was thinking about the Clan Zaiko and/or Clan Viva vs Clan Wenge in terms of influence and quality of the time who was best for the genre but when I was thinking of it I wasn’t sure who would even come under those titles so thanks a lot for your explanation

Funny that Papa Wemba was one of the co-founders of Zaiko. It was a blessing in disguise for Zaiko when Papa Wemba left. Zaiko ended up having big groups. It was also a blessing for Papa Wemba because he made stars like Reddy Amisi, Djuna Djanana, Debaba and Kester Emeneya.
Just a question but you see the people that were made in Viva and Yoka/Isifi Lokole are they counted as Clan Zaiko or not?

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