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« on: April 16, 2021, 22:20 »
He also released a Swahili song recently its very nice especially if you like that Bongo flava kind of sound

No I didn’t really understand maybe because I’m younger lool but that makes sense I can see how that can go really wrong my gosh but thanks for the explanation

Is his Stade de Martyrs gonna happen and his London concert if any of you know? Or if London concerts will ever return
Looool you just reminded me I never got my refund for the cancelled London concert from last year.

But he's performing here in London in the summer as part of a festival.
Yh I saw that Yam carnival thing but the rest of the lineup is not entirely to my taste so I don’t think I’ll go

Is his Stade de Martyrs gonna happen and his London concert if any of you know? Or if London concerts will ever return

Can someone kinda summarise the concept of fan clubs please

Congolese Music / Re: WE MUST BE HONEST
« on: April 11, 2021, 21:16 »
Definitely I agree although I would say that on this forum we send in most new songs, loooool I was receiving slander for my love for Jose cartouche - VIDEO

I've never listened to a Patrouilles des Stars-album (except Obus Kanga Bikassa), just the generics and the two songs they dedicated to Congo Brazzaville. But I liked first part the Confirmation-generique, which reminded me of Kinanga Boeing (who used to play guitare-solo in Empire Bakuba). The sebenes of Obus Kanga Bikassa were epic, the solo's were reminding me about the way many street bands were playing lead in Kinshasa trying to follow Makaba's style, but not being able to close lol. If you look to Wenge Maison Mere's first concert at Zamba Playa, you will notice that Flamme Kapaya also used to play that style before changing after Solola Bien. Willy Ebondaki also used to play that style that Dr Costeau used to play, just listen to Longue Histoire. The late Zozo Malaba of Victoria Eleison played different was really a part of the Makaba-sect and played more original Makaba's style of the Anges Adorables/Pile ou Face-era.

Mfumu you must listen to Embargo I think you will appreciate it a lot , it’s a good progression from Obus Kanga and in my opinion one of the best albums out of Brazzaville in the past 25 years

« on: April 10, 2021, 01:18 »
Wumela is a very nice song people need to do this more , Nono showing that just because it’s Rumba it doesn’t have to be slow put you to sleep music

« on: April 10, 2021, 01:17 »
mbeya mbeya of nego dimaria,but na filet who is wayyyyyyyyyyyy more popular in kin that abroad,gaz fabilouss who does well in kin but not much abroad not yet going abroad like his friend  innoss or their generation rival gaz mawete,there are many example
even prince d angola has had various nightclub hits while his career has not built any shape for it in europe,heritier's brother toutjeune d'afrique...
Wow thanks a lot and Yh it’s crazy but na filet id seen some shows and gaz fabilous I hear about but it’s interesting in Europe we would never know

« on: April 09, 2021, 20:49 »
guys the problem is that good clip and good promotion is hella expensive,unless your song is already an anticipated success so it can self promote a bit because of a catch phrase or buzz
no wonder most of the last hits of DRC were either youtube/bar sensations,expected hits with big promotion
and both are complex in their own ways,which is why you will see that the most consistent both on the traditional and the virtual promotion are the artists with big virtual fanbase or big promotion backing
Could you give some examples of songs that were kin bar or wewa hits but did not necessarily get that big elsewhere

« on: April 09, 2021, 18:36 »
Manzambi I believe is not saying don’t have a clip or a good on, but just that don’t put 100% effort on the clip and no focus on marketing

you can clearly see that him and bondomania are from kin's style of play basically even if they implemented in their style  that sebene shape of  more or less long rhythmic guitar sequence then  milangi or distortion, both came in G7 and patrouille des stars with something different to the extra musica touch
This is very correct I think that’s why I even prefer there sebenes to extras, past Trop cest trop I find that extra style kind of annoying

« on: April 08, 2021, 23:40 »

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica - Live Génération Primus
« on: April 07, 2021, 21:38 »
Ali Mbonda came in 1992 when Don Pierrot Mbonda ran away after touring with Wenge Musica in Europe for concerts and the recordings of Pleins Feux and Kalayi Boeing.

 Blaise Mbonda didn't come to Europe anymore due to the devaluation of the Zaire-currency, the same for Fi-Carre and he later dissapeared from the music-scene.

Don Pierrot joined Wenge El Paris in Europe after staying and participated to the recordings of the remix-version of Nganga Nzambe and a few concerts in Europe.

Verckys didn't plan anything. It was just that guys like Jean Belis Mfumu wanted to see also their part of money from Wenge Musica and also not liking for the way Werra, JB and co started to abandon them for the elite living Gombe and Binza, while they contributed to the start of Wenge Musica. So as revenge they wanted to create a rebel-band by influencing bandmembers, but the plan didn't work.

Verckys liked Wenge, helped them with the distribution of Kalayi Boeing in Zaire and Africa. Those Discs and CD in Africa and Zaire had that VEVE-label on it. Verckys is a businessman his love for money is to big, he don't see any problem by funded rebel-bands, if he gets the money back that he invested. The problem is that Verckys went down when the 90s started and not being able anymore to produce big bands and artists. The absence of Verckys also killed the evolution of Congolese music in my opinion a little bit in a later stage.
Mfumu please expand on what you mean by the last part

Power was first announced in 2011 as a two part album. Power "Aller" which had to be a world-album and Power "Retour" which was the rumba-part. Featerings with Cecil, P-Square, 2Face, R. Kelly and Flavour were announced and some extracts being leaked on internet. Then if I remember well in december 2012 just before his birthday, the single Sweet Life "La Vie est Belle" got released as preview for Power "Aller". The song was a huge succes. A few days later Power 001 got uploaded on his youtube-channel. The generique had 8 atalaku's, but the generique got at that time heavily criticized for it's first 6 minutes intro before developing into a proper sebene. Later on rumors were spread about Brigade joining Fally band and a Power 002 coming.

Mid-March David Monsoh (who was like Fally's manager/impressario) went to Claudy Siar's Couleur Tropicals of RFI-Radio to announce the release-date of Power "Kosa Leka" for March 30th. He came with snippets of Ndoki, Bruce and Hustler is Back. I thought that it would be Fally's best album ever, when hearing to those snippets lol. The album ended up by getting released 5 days later after 30 March, due to problems with the distribution. Power "Kosa Leka" got in 3 versions, as a double cd with 22 tracks and as a two volume albums on Itunes having 27 songs. The album was number 1 on Itunes in his first days in France, Switserland, Belgium and Canada. When the album came out in Chateaux, combattans went to sell piracy version the same day and it resulted in a fight between Fally-fanatics and combattans.

When the album came out, it was first got roasterd in his first two months on youtube and social media. Music-fans having regrets about buying the album and claiming that it was Fally's worst album and wondering how Fally could release an album like that (including me kiekiekie, myself comparing it to Matou Samuel songs for the way Fally used to cry on most songs). Ferre's staffmember were partying about it on facebook, screaming "to gagner, to gagner" and claiming that Ferre Gola would slaughter him with Boite Noire. There was also some criticism about the amount of songs (27 songs), while before 2012 the maximum of songs was mostly 18. But after sometime the album started growing on people and started to be a succes. The succes even became bigger after that Ferre released Boite Noire and extended with the bonus-single Original which got released 1 year later.

In the same months when Fally released Power "Kosa Leka" his 3-album contract with David Monsoh came to an end. David Monsoh excepted Fally to extend the contract to 2/3 albums, but just after releasing Power "Kosa Leka" it announced in the press that Fallly Ipupa signed a 3-album contract with Universal AZ. David Monsoh who was already in conflict with Fally since 2011 felt like being backstabbed by Fally Ipupa and he started to sabotate the promotion of Power "Kosa Leka". Fans started to criticize Fally for not releasing clips with a good quality anymore like he used to do for Arsenal des Belles Melodies and Droit Chemin volume 2, not knowing that Fally funded the clips by himself. Having taken already some precautions during the recordings of Power by making a list for donors who wanted to have a song with a clip to have to pay x amount money.

In May 2013, Fally Ipupa would get the award for best African Artist of the year at the first edition of Trace Urban Music Awards. The succes of Power would bring Fally to Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville and Angola.

Did Monsoh sue Fally because of the Universal deal? It seems like a breach of contract. Like you said earlier, Fally didn't expect to have a hugely successful solo career so when it actually happened, he wanted to profit from it and Monsoh was in the way.

Do you think Heritier and Monsoh will have a similar fallout? Or does Heritier have a good contract with him?

David Monsoh sued both Fally Ipupa and Universal AZ, claiming that the contract was illegal, because of being negotiated and signed when Fally Ipupa had still a contact with him. Despite Fally not working with David Monsoh anymore, David still gets 10% or 20% (I don't remember anymore) of Fally's albums who are released by F-Victeam Entertainement and Elektra Music. I don't know if it's due to the contract Fally signed in the Droit Chemin-era or the case.

I don't think that Heritier and Monsoh will get a similar fallout. Because back when Heritier signed with David Monsoh in 2015, David Monsoh reputation was badly damaged due to the fallouts with Fally Ipupa and DJ Arafat about the royalties. During the pressconference in Paris, David Monsoh and Heritier Wantanabe confirmed to have signed a fair 3-album contract. But seeing the way Mi Ange-Mi Demon is promoted, I think that it will result in a new conflict very soon, like that of JB Mpiana and David Monsoh during the promotion of Soyons Serieux. There were already short issues before and during Carierre d'Honneur, David Monsoh being against Heritier's strategy of having public rehearshals like Werrason and wanting him to adopt Fally's vision of rehearsing behind closed doors, David Monsoh being against Heritier attacking and responding his rivals and enemies, but Heritier not understanding it, etc.
Any idea of the other parts to Watas contract like the details of the promo strategy, the money involved etc

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