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Congolese Music / Re: Rest in Peace Empereur Nono
« on: January 10, 2024, 16:54 »
Shocking… may he rest in peace

Congolese Music / Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: January 01, 2024, 16:18 »
Happy new year to everyone!

Does someone have Premillenium by Jeunes Premiers and Terminator by Arc-en-Ciel Musica ? (Both are already on YouTube but quality isn't good)

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Rigo star
« on: October 26, 2023, 22:26 »
One of the greatest guitarists. RIP

@CM PRINCE Thanks for the advice. I started doing this to try to prevent my videos from being reposted without credit.

Yes. It is very embarrassing that a great label like JPS went from big distribution companies to DistroKid.

I think it’s JPS’ son who deleted Igwejunior1030’s channel. He relaunched his father’s label since early 2022.

Does anyone have the CD version of ?

- Fafa de Molokai , l'an 2000

- Djuna Djanana De Choc Stars ‎– Normal Normal

- Choc Stars - Munduki Elelo

- Wenge Musica BCBG* ‎– Les Anges Adorables - Volume 2

- Wenge Musica B.C.B.G.* ‎– Pleins Feux !!!

- Kizoba Zoba de Bill Clinton

- Eluka Makambo de JDT

Jdt’s album is on platforms now

Can somebody upload Wenge Musica - Les Anges Adorables, Vol. 1 - Full album? Anyone?? Because on all platforms, Tuna Tina Jack Kitshindja is not included. The quality on YouTube is very bad. I can be picky but, it has to be very high quality. It only has 5 tracks out of 6 on platforms. I'd be appreciated. Thanks

Both volumes are here:


Nooo what a wonderful day for me. 100000x thanks for MusiqueZaroise. I've just finished watching the concert of Theatre Marie. I will now go watching this one

I'll keep searching other rare tapes by El Paris and more artists!

I have it I can send it to you

Congolese Music / Lambio Lambio passed away
« on: May 18, 2023, 08:35 »
Maray Maray just posted it on his Facebook account

Congolese Music / Re: Top One Les Pleurs Des Congolais.
« on: May 12, 2023, 12:58 »
(I bring back an old topic but) can someone list the credits of the album (properly)?

Congolese Music / Re: MATA KUNA ft REBO
« on: May 09, 2023, 10:59 »
Belgium was really strict, religious and conversative during the colonization. Which made Congolese politicians adopting the conversative side. Altough Mobutu putting emancipation for women forward in the first years of his regime. It was seen as bad when women would wear jeans and small skirts and also forbidden for them to do that. Hence why in old pictures of you would see free-women wearing maputa in nightclubs. Its only from April 1990 that it changed. But in the first years when women would walk with small skirts in the streets, people would sometimes follow them and screaming "aboma luambo".

Also with music they were strict. Back then politicians would censor everything that they saw in their eyes that they saw as immoral for the population.That is the reason why it was rare to see artists seeing about sex and when doing that using other words to sing about it indirectly. But the songs then still being seen as explict and most of Congolese people also not really liking it. However with the new generation its start getting normal and all songs only being about that.

An example about Zaire's censorship back in the day. Songs that today are seen as normal would back in the days getting censored. In the early 1970s Franco sung a duet with Youlou Mabiala about infidelity. Singing how a married man and married women were meeting each other to have a secret affair, them agreeing to argue alot with each other on streets to make people not suspect them. The song was seen as immoral and was censored. The same for a song in the same period. About Franco and Sam Mangwana singing about a desprerate woman that would like to marry a dog. I forgot the title of both songs.

The song with Sam Mangwana is Nakobala Mbwa, which was recorded three times, here’s the 2nd version (uncensored; listen chorus at 4:23):

3rd version (censored, re-recorded; dog reference removed, listen 4:12):

The “lingala” of Google Translation is very wrong

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