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50 songs ?! god damn but why so much music? quality over quantity all-day

a detailed backstory to legendary records like solola bien, Loi, Mario etc would be appreciated

Werrason cant sing and Blandine would've been a better record without him

oh so they did squash the beef damn I didn't know that this is what we need more of nowadays black people squashing beef working together

« on: July 14, 2021, 11:56 »
Happy G day to MM
One of his most underrated songs fyi

Gotta love that nasal voice of Depitcho, yeah would've been great if jdt had participated as well.
oh is that him I thought it was Kermit

Effrakata Vs Operation Dragon

Bilan Vs Tave

Medecinde Nuit
Vs Fleur d'amour

Gilba Vs R.A.S (Rien A Signaler)

Washington getting washed by Blandine in the first round is krazy

Effrakata Vs Generation Bercy

Bilan Vs Fair-play

Babou Vs Tave

Suivez Le Guide Vs Fleur d'amour

Medecinde Nuit Vs Blandine

R.A.S (Rien A Signaler) Vs 13 Ans

Gilba Vs Ravisse

Leader: JB Mpiana
Singers: Modogo, Baby Ndombe, Ferre Gola, Bouro Mpela, Mustapha Gianfranco, Blaise Bula, Willy Bula,
Animator: Bill Clinton Kalonji, Bebe Kero, Tutu Callugi
Guitar: Lebou Kabuya, Japonais, Binda Bass, Burkina Faso
Drums: Djudjuchet, Titina Al Kapone, Champion Esthetique

The reason im doing this is cuz I want to wish both of these records a happy 20th-anniversary Effrakata is the album that means the most to me with a classic intro that I used to dance to all the time when I was little and I would love a translation of the song Logique and Koffi was definitely dissing somebody on G.B Gros Bebe and Generation Bercy lol man I wish I knew Lingala sometimes. Operation Dragon is a decent album Blandine, Fleur d'amour and the intro are the standouts. Feel free to type your appreciation for the album you like the most before voting.

Effrakata Vs Operation Dragon

G.B. Gros Bebe Vs Fair-Play

Logique Vs Fleur d'amour

Suivez Le Guide Vs Un Prince Au Congo

Bilan Vs Destin ya Moto

R.A.S (Rien A Signaler) Vs Waka Waka

Robot Vs Nakoyamba Yo

Washington Vs Blandine

Gilba Vs Le Grand Monsieur

Generation Bercy Vs Kibuisa Mpimpa

Choc Vs Tave

Destination Vs Annie

Babou Vs Obiang

Ravisse Vs Le Vent Du Soir

Medecin De Nuit Vs Ntima mbote

Effervescent Vs 13 Ans 

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 24, 2021, 22:52 »
Love Loi (i dont know what the dude on the other page is talkin about tho) but Effrakata is at the NEXT level I can play any song on that album at any time and Koffi took risks with the song Robot which should be saluted cuz he mixed hip hop and rumba and made it work. and no song on loi is better than Washington so Effrakata takes the cake both are classics tho

Babia Ndonga easy....

And my dad will bump all of it please pray for me yall

Congolese Music / What celebrities have you met ?
« on: June 18, 2021, 19:47 »
Were they nice or big-headed, artists who are rumored to be big-headed but were actually nice? when you meet them was it before their celeb status at their peak or after. what were they like in person?

Congolese Music / Re: What are yall listening to ?
« on: June 16, 2021, 19:49 »

Ozo ko rond point, Ozo tourniquet, Ozo ko rond point, Ozo!
Dominique nique nique, Tourniquet ko rond point
La nuit jusqu'au matin à tous chemins et en tous lieux
Il ne parle que du grand CHE, il ne parle pas du bon Dieu
Ozo ko rond point

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