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It seems I misunderstood these events that you mentionned, then.

But I see why now Congolese music today is not like it was decades ago. When Congolese are your donor, you can please them playing Congolese music. However once those donors are gone and the world is your new donor, you need to play what the world wants to hear. Any dissident band trying to make a living from the world market will face the difficulty to sell Congolese music abroad. That's why so many artists changed during the years. And the recent world trends do not make it easy to maintain big bands either.

Kongolo was sent to the east when the war broke out, wasn't he?

" Then from the early 90s it was called Soukous, but the Kinshasa-based artists refused to be refered like that, seeing Soukous-artists based in Paris (Kanda Bongo Man, Diblo Dibala, Aurlus Mabele, Dr Sakis, etc.) artists who were killing the genre and giving people abroad a fake image about our music."

Why this is odd is because Sakis and Dany Engobo are the ones who can still produce albums like in good old days. Like the album: Baobab from Dany from 2015. It is the personal favourite of mine from recent years.

Congolese Music / Roga Roga appeared live today on his channel
« on: February 05, 2021, 23:34 »

Recently they make lots of interviews, etc., lots of talk, but I don't see the good records. I'd rather see him work in the studio as much as he is on interviews. 20 years ago Roga talked half this much but his records were 100x times better.

Anyway you can recreate this sound on any proper guitar I think, if you have the right pickup plus set the strings as low as possible. That nice ringing that you can here on the guitar notes are actually the  strings set low. The reverse of this are old records from the 50's and 60's when they had guitars with stings set high, this ringing was impossible in that setup.

I will try it once when I can get hold of some EMG pickups.

Yeah, because this one that I linked is modified, but if you replace the neck pickup that is the most essential in Congolese music back to the original EMG, you are still at discount price, and get the usual Steinberger sound.

By the way, as far as color is concerned, Makaba played the black color variant back in the 80's as I remember.

As I observed, soukous drumming is more diverse, because they use the cymbal more often in the core rhythm. And in many songs there is just seben or very short chorus part. That was the idea that started the wave: soukous. To get rid of the chorus and vocal part from the first half.

This is why I'm saving up to buy a Steinberger GM4T. The sound on it is so luscious when it comes to playing sebene!

How much is this Guitar
Because its vintage, it would cost around £3000-7000 ish it's pretty expensive because these models are not made anymore.

It is not that expensive, especially if you can let the tremolo idea go. Roga Roga did not use tremolo at all, I think.

If someone creates that biography let me know and I add it to the biography section here, where there are already a bunch of biographies thanks to Archos mighty member ;)

I have just listened, and they are definately the artists in the track whom you enumerated.

Guy Guy Fall did appear on some albums of Aurlus Mabele. So if you suspect his voice is there, it is very likely him.

Congolese Music / Re: Anastasio's channel got deleted
« on: January 31, 2021, 14:45 »
That's why guys you should have all the videos you upload in a folder on your computer, and mess upload them when the channel gets deleted. I also had a channel that was deleted, but the same day I put everything back to a channel with the same name. If you give the file names the title you want it to be on Youtube, the mess upload will attach those titles to the video automatically, no need to worry about that. Let us not let Youtube delet all that valuable music stuff we collected through the years.

Apart from his actions I like his voice. I hope he will create something good, though I suspect the chances are opposite. But hope dies last...

Formthe stability of the group it was good news if it is like that indeed.

There are many good rythm guitar parts from various songs, but if I had to choose one from the many to introduce Congolese music to a newcomer, I would surely pick this one. It is 100% african in every sense:


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