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Oh, indeed, I have just found it at the link that shows up in Roxy's video.

@Mr T said:
Extract of the DVD in which Roxy talks about his career, in particular about the time he replaced Manuaku in Zaiko and how he got his nickname, Nyawu.

This short extract is already showing good things. That concert that is shown from the TV was a great concert, it is promising that Roxy shows tricks from the songs played there. I wonder if he is showing full songs from that concert. Anyway, I also wonder when that concert will find it's way to a DVD.

@Sylvester said:
I think these dvd's are best suited for advanced learners not beginners. Jeannot Bel has also produced another one for a good friend and soloist Renato Mondele formerly of Defao's Big Stars,the tutorial is out soon.

When I talked to Mondele, it was not clear to me whether his DVD will be a reissued version of Jeannot's DVD, or it will be a new tutorial supervised by Jeannot?

@Felo said:
Bencuri, I have seen similar DVDs from Jeannot Bel Musumbu (who I think produced this one). Are they worth the investment in terms of teaching the techniques? I saw someone on Amazon lamenting that they do not even indicate the chord they are holding as they play.

I think JEannot Bel's DVD is very useful. There are some parts of it uploaded to youtube, he is showing how to play full sebens from Zaiko repertoire, I found them very good. I will get that DVD. I don't think indicating chords is a concern. These are solos in question, so the indentification of chords is a minor problem. I think it is much more inportant in what frets you ahve to play and with what fingers. In that sense Jeannot's DVD is very informative.

This Kenyan guy also released a tutorial DVD, it must be very useful, too:

Congolese Music / Reply To: Problem logging in
« on: July 31, 2013, 13:44 »
Indeed, the Login button doesn't change to Logged in when you sign in. However even so when I scroll down, I can open thread a nd reply. If you cannot, maybe you could try using another web browser. Try Firefox or Google chrome, if you use them, try a newer version, maybe you use an older one that the forum software is not fully compatibile with.


The title seems to be misspelled however...

Actually I would like to have the cover in scanned format to be able to print it in original size. I have the LP, but it is missing the cover.

Does anyone here have this LP?

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