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« on: June 02, 2021, 11:09 »

From studio,seemingly mixing the replacing parts  of nono fudji's huge contribution'4 leads,1 co lead and 16 vocals)
lol at the end he does his typical happy birthday message to himself not as papa cheri and all that but as jean bedel


lol warriors dominating his comments section as usual
i find it a great symbol that gims says to celeo "thank you for the strength you give me",everybody knows that  solo career wise they are galaxies apart,but this just epitomizes the difference between the europe mentality and ours(without going into a deep sociological talk) yes europe or western artists are hundred times more primadonnas  than our artists when they want but they seem to have a greater conception of solidarity/appreciating and valueing support
with us in drc 99,99999999999999 per cent of the time artists with a big gap of career it is more and more of a process of the smaller one committing into defence of the bigger to extent of making his enemies  his own too,then relying on staff and fans of the bigger to spam the bigger with "prez abundelaka yo fort tia ye mua poids,ata post to mua invitation na concert" but you'll never ever ever ever ever ever ever see the bigger consider that the smaller is giving him strength
its always the smaller in complete awe and using any little sort of contact with the bigger as a trophy
gims did not appreciate celeo for joining his beef with booba while with us in many cases lowkey or openly its the "commitment" factor

Like title says,atalaku 3 jours who had become thenumber1 of atalaku section after ceda leaving has left the group
that about 85 to 90 per cent of the team of the group album gone


In the first 40 minutes of interview
mannn papy has gone grey fast,he's not even 40 yet
papy does not change,he'll act like he is bringing you to another direction while he already has a certain name of an artist he'll bombard you with directly or undercover,and after he will pretend to be neutral


Innoss invited people like heritier,fabregas,bismack biyombo,hiro,dadju... to open his campaign to fund 100K destined to people who lost their houses and business  and lives when volcano erupted
you can imagine what type of comments were veryvery frequent in the live

« on: May 27, 2021, 13:49 »

he said "wait 2 seconds the music they are playing is shxx"


roga roga mocking here kevin mbouande with  drummer,singer and atalaku abidjan,saying kevin only performs in the city he lives in  and his hometown
haha sounds like a well prepared move,imagine he had got dr cousteau or biraman,it would create even bigger buzz and conflict between them


So while she was in viva she was dating fally,bouro and mamale,and patcheko in viva
ado is soooo suspect when interviewing women ,sooooooo curious


« on: May 20, 2021, 15:58 »

completely unexpected
tresor lumiere interviewing faces he's used to but not as members of the group he works for,thats surely the first time there is more than one ex maison mere member in the show


Knowing our musicians think,koffi was surely dying inside hard and starting to wonder which musician sent that guy

« on: May 19, 2021, 18:45 »


he explained how he was catching dance moves easily from watching cultura rehearsing,then wazekwa said to himself why not making two clips of generique one with him as the star to please children,another with and for adults
but at some point he left the group(he was meant to join another groupwhich made him leave which i prefer not to name lol) and he said he was left abandoned and his family having nothing to eat for days at times so since he was good at football he tried to find a club with the hope of becoming professional but things did not go as he planned and when wazekwa heard that he was struggleing hard he sent dancer mboyo londo to find him and said he'd sent money to play class for him until he graduates and he is giving him money aswell for other things so now he feels like he has a normal life again and he is more than thankful
he was asked whether its true that he became adrug addict like rumors were spread,he said no he has never done drugs or drank alcohol but since he was often with elder brothers from the area who did it people assumed that he did too
he was asked about rumours of witchcraft being behind his downfall and says that he was a little kid back then who was just enjoying life,not particularly understanding certain things,but he remembers that cultura musicians before any rehearsal or concert were uniting in a circle to pray God together before stepping on stage
he revealed also that children of his age in his neighboorhood parents were not allowing him to play with them anymore because they were scared of him now that he was into music,but funnily enough big personalities of the country were sending people to come and pick him to go and play with their children

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