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Werra should be the one giving reconnaissance to his ex colleagues, because he wasn't paying them first and foremost secondly because they stuck with him even though administration did whole ti keep those 2003 guys unpayed, you work your ass off for a guy who cannot even sing (Werrason can't sing this is why he keeps on that tika bana ba yemba)
It is fact that  Werrason cannot not sing even to save his own life but fortunately, for him that in itself is not a limiting factor. He does not need to be a good singer at all because he has good singers around him and he is a very fine all round musician who knows how to makes excellent music. That is all he needs to be successful and he has that so the argument about his singing ability is a false one because he is not an opera or solo singer. What is irrefutable is that he makes excellent music and the success of his albums and concerts speak to that fact. Equally, to have him spoken about in the same sentence as JB and Koffi; to have him competing and winning against them is testament to him phenomenal talents. There is no need to peddle revisionist and wishful theories about an African legend whose works speak for them.
…………'t for.the group Werra with be just a street band sir making songs about food so to me it is senseless say that Celeo was poor and whole that, Ferre, Fabregas, even Robinio make more views, money and album sales now in confront of Werra who got a comeback only bdcause of 7 Jours.
I am not sure why you make some wild assertions and speculative theories, skirting the facts that are already available………..The fact is that the lives of musicians who joined Maison Mere and left turned for the better. It is also true that the musicians worked hard and earned their change in fortunes. To me it is not an either or argument because there was mutual benefit.
However, there is no denying that the hand that helped them to succeed is that of Werrason and that is a fact that has stood the test of time and proven beyond doubt. The argument you make above that, “Werra would just be a street band making music about food” is a misguided opinion; not too dissimilar to one made by those that refuse to acknowledge the success of managers in football. Werrason like Alex Ferguson who built many successful football teams, continues to confound his critics by building new and successful Maison Mere teams.
Werrason has changed his team 4 major times with other small changes in between

Team 1: Ferre, Baby Ndombe, JDT, Adjani, Mabiala, Lacoste, Heritier
Team 2: Heritier, Bonbon Kojack, Capuccino, Kabose, Teka, Jitrois, Eboa Lotin
Team 3 Miel, Taddet, Olivier, Café Rhum, Nicodèm, Limousine Ferrai, Gemerose
Team 4 Café Rhum, Nicodèm, Iniesta, Christian Ozil, Basele, Satellite, Bobby Ronaldinho

Having changed his team as many times, it is foolhardy to contend that the success of Maison Mere has nothing to do with Werrason……….if not then who is responsible for that success?

Just found out today that my copy is missing from the CD case & I was looking forward to playing this all weekend. Amazon are sold out and I cannot think of anywhere I can get a copy.

Has anyone got a copy they can rip to mp3 & DM to me please?

Koffi' s case as I'm told is about child grooming, trafficking and rape of dancers before they were mature or incorporated into QL. It's alleged he forced himself on them as a reward for a place in the A team and continued to do so even after they were grown.  He confiscated their passports (easily a charge of theft - or kidnap by duress) while on foreign travel and ordered them to stay in specific places (false imprisonment), so the charges are so serious in my view and I'm not a legal expert by any inch.

The testimonies wee from ex dancers who were sponsored by some powerful Congolese feminists who gave this information to authorities. Knowing just how Europe is now cracking down on trafficking and rape, Koffi will have to put up a miraculous defence to escape any form of punishement. France is not the same as congo where he can easily bribe or threaten girls to withdraw statements. The girls can be subpoenaed to give evidence as witnesses to the crimes commited to them under oath and lying under oath is an imprisonable offence so they'll have to speak. Koffi knew and knows what awaits and that's why he's a fugitive in Congo and also evaded arrest from Zambia on a bike when Interpol were on his ass. The case is not as easy as some think.........he's up against it and there is evidence . On YouTube there is a videl of him kicking a dancer and pulling another's hair. Of course the Chouchou one can be found and I'm sure that someone somewhere has it. So if France pull the masterstroke of offering these women protection in France to help prosecute Koffi then he's gone.

A good prosecutor let alone any decent person who can structure a good argument  can create an image of a controlling and abusive Olomide. He must go back and carry his cross I say.

Congolese Music / Re: Aaaah Djuna Mumbafu
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:05 »
Where is he anyway? He needs to gather Empire Bakuba for an album

The man is alive and settled in England. He lives in my town Birmingham  but of late I have not seen him. These are some of his clips at an open concert in London at the Notting Hill Carnival 2016 - the biggest carnival in UK held every August.


Kiekie, y’all are some hardcore Werra fans.

It’s not like this was some random long time member. This was his one of his childhood best friend. Even at the very height of their success, the like of JB, Werra, & Adolphe have admitted to lamenting and even crying about their loss of friendships due to professional gain. It’s more than just music this Wenge saga.

In 2006, I spent Christmas with Alba Accompa, when JB decided to extend his stay in UK maing the album Kipe Yayo. Just after Christmas Alba and I in the company of my friend who is a die hard BCBGiste went to one of the restaurants in North London. While enjoying, losu, pondu, madesu, ngolo and ntaba, my friend and I got started with the ususal petty arguments about JB & Werra......Immediately, Alba cautioned us not to continue because his boss' friends were around. We stopped but on our way I was keen to know why he sisn't want us to argue cause I thought it was all fanatique talk and he said & I quote, "because Werra is my boss' best fiend & they visit each other. All the polemic you see on tv is showbiz." For years I didn't beileve Alba and refused to think it was possible until I saw Werra and JB turning up for each of their daughters' birthdays and JB on tv wishing a happy birthday to Werrason - his best friend.

The reason Werrason is the more successful of the Wenge off shoots is because of his business acumen and ruthlessness. The harsh reality is that we live in a cruel world where more often than not, life isn't fair and there is nothing you can do about it except continue to put your best foot forward. It's a dog eat dog and you got to do what you have to do to feed your family before you think of feeding your friends. Adolphe had the perfect template to throw himself in the mix, start competing with Werra and prove himself the better musician but couldn't. He cannot blame anyone but himself, cause Werra sisn't owe him anything that is why he was sacked. Werra was sacked by JB but didn't waste time morning about it, but made sure that he bounced back and stake his claim.

I do not believe that Werra lost any sleep or missed out artistically because of Adolphe's departure......In fact Werra was at his creative genius when he had full control of the group. Kibuisa Mpimpa & Ala que leu leu are by far the best albums in Werra's discography and they were achieved without Adolphe.

just a little bit of history of judol, when les marquis left he went to be tested in maison mere but capuccino won as he was supported by the remaining chiefs then he went to recruit musicians for bill to create les samourai then did first album with him and left and went to do one of those musical competitions sponsored by beers or phone companies inspired of western competitions,and unlike other candidates he went all the way through to winning with jb's songs without accepting to do foreign songs and from then he started developing being a little jb until he got recruited 2 years ago

Merci Frere Archos l'encyclopédie la plus fiable de la musique congolaise

Who is Judol Lewo......where did he come from and why is he obsessed with aping JB Mpiana?

bro, we are far from wanting to support piracy. As in the topic "The album that I'm waiting to appear on the digital platforms", we said that we share, here between us, the albums are not available on the platforms of legal download or streaming because we are In love with Congolese music and there are many Congolese albums that have become too rare because the producers do not make them available online. If these albums were available online, we may never have created these topics. We share these albums only for private and personal listening.

Ba Ndeko, none of you would have the miracles album of les Marquis de Maison Mère ? Please, that whoever has it, can rip it in good quality and create a link on which we could download it ? thank you so much

This discussion board does not support piracy.

Congolese Music / Re: For the BCBG family
« on: March 06, 2018, 13:38 »
JB is a good singer and that is where it all ends...........Werrason couldn't sing to save his life but compensates for it in abundance by being an excellent musician. I mean that it is a mystery that we talk of JB & Werra in the same is remarkable what he has done.

To me Werra is the complete and all round musician. He demonstrated his ability to play all instruments like Koffi Olomide........he has a good ear for good singers........ he is very creative and innovative.........he keeps things fresh and changes personnel just like the top football teams in the world. Werra is never short of excitement just like Koffi Olomide.

I could never say the same of JB.......he is the most talented but very frustrating musician. I will go as far as saying that if he applied himself half as much as Werrason does, he could have easily conquered Africa & beyond.......his bizzare loyalty to the geriatrics in the band is as shocking as it is ruinous to his band.

Congolese Music / Re: Who are your favourite bass players
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:51 »
Michel Lumana (ex Werrason) is by a country mile the best bassist I have ever seen and listened to. He is the man who inspired me to start bass lessons.......... How he played on Tindika Loketo & Alerte Generale was trendsetting and set the Congole music world on a new path of bass playing......he plays bass with heavy slides and is almost like a lead player.

Lofombo is also very good. So is Rocky Blanchard, Pati Kaja Bass, Sunda & Wallo.......

Unlike some I find Mimiche, Binda, Masela and all to be functional no frills bassists. No exciting at all.

« on: February 16, 2018, 21:09 »


It doesn't natch with the argument but why is Werra give that much credibility to Diego is hilarious lol, first tune ever after Mayi Ya Sika that I don't see him drunk or high, anyway the guy is good but it doesn't mean anything he is the guy who was behind for 10 plus years with Werra not even knowing it, and that Goldberg crie why he didn't put that in 7 Jours? It was fire, anyway I still believe that Wenge will die, it is not the quality of the music but is the quality of administration that is lacking

I showed you a video of a guy who is doing Ambulance and Brigade's animations performing even better than the former and  instead of engaging with that point, you've now dragged in Diego and Goldberg into it. Your statement is nothing but empty criticism........I cannot make head or tail of it but will reiterate that Werra is an astute musician and has a way of confounding his critics and keeping the fanbase happy.

There is nothing new you are telling us.

We heard people pronounce the death of WMMM in 2002 when Les Maquis left but now we are in 2018 and the movement is going strong. After Temoignage, I also heard people say Werra is finished but last year he finished the year with a blockbuster song....Zenga Luketu. Year after year we hear this..........Werrason will finish the day he decides he has had enough, not when some musican leaves the band.

Lions do not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep

Wenge ekufi? That is wishful thinking of the worst kind.......Wenge MMM is Werrason and for as long as he is alive, the group is also alive and kicking. You under estimate the man........Congo is a sea of talent & Werra's work is cut out in that he won't even go to find them.............they find him

Look at that.........another nobody already killing it for Werra. Watch from 5 mins

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